The Generalitat of Catalonia promotes the launch of the fourth satellite into space

The Generalitat of Catalonia promotes the launch of the fourth satellite into space

The Generalitat de Catalunya is taking a bold step into the future of space with its announced launch of a fourth satellite, scheduled for the end of 2025.

This exciting project, which is part of the initiative known as ‘Catalan NASA’, has a budget of 3.4 million euros and its main objective is to observe the Earth and collect high quality data to boost research and business development in the space field.

The mission, led by the Government of Catalonia and managed by the Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), represents a significant milestone in Catalonia’s efforts to expand its presence in space.

The awarding of the contract to the company Open Cosmos for the design, construction and launch of the satellite marks the beginning of a new era in Catalan space exploration.

Launch of the fourth satellite into space

The fourth satellite, which will weigh approximately 50 kilograms, will be five times larger than its predecessor, ‘Menut’, and will offer enhanced Earth observation capabilities, including higher resolution images and a wider capture width.

This advanced technology will allow researchers, administrations and companies to collect accurate and detailed data on the Catalan territory and other regions of the world, as well as to provide satellite services for crisis management and emergency situations.

At a presentation in Barcelona, the Minister of Enterprise and Labor, Roger Torrent, highlighted the Catalan government’s commitment to promoting space technology and its potential benefits for Catalonia’s economy and society.

Torrent emphasized the importance of aligning efforts to take advantage of the region’s talent and productive capacity and consolidate its position in the field of space exploration.

The fourth satellite, with a useful life of approximately four years and the possibility of being extended for additional two-year periods, will represent an invaluable asset for research and development in Catalonia.

It will be complemented by the commissioning of two additional smaller satellites, owned by Open Cosmos, to ensure rapid and efficient updating of the data collected.

The spatial strategy of the Generalitat

The Generalitat’s space strategy, which began in 2020, is part of a broader effort to foster the emerging industry around CubeSat, a nanosatellite standard that has revolutionized space exploration by significantly reducing costs.

Since then, the Generalitat has invested nearly 23 million euros in its space strategy, hoping to establish a lasting legacy in the field of space exploration.

With the launch of the fourth satellite, Catalonia is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and technological progress in space.