The end of an urban tradition: the mythical Wall of Chewing Gum in Barcelona disappears

The End of an urban tradition: the mythical Wall of Chewing Gum in Barcelona disappears

This week said goodbye to one of the most emblematic peculiarities of Barcelona: the Wall of Chewing Gum in the Verdum neighborhood. For more than a decade, this wall has been a point of interest for locals and visitors alike, but now it is gone forever.

Located on Jaume Martí street in Nou Barris, next to the exit of a school and a boxing gym, the wall of chewing gum has witnessed a unique accumulation of goodies. Over the years, thousands of people have stuck chewing gum on this wall, creating an improvised and colorful mural on reddish bricks.

However, this week, the City Hall cleaning services finally decided to remove the mural, leaving the wall gray and stripped of its distinctive feature.

The news that the wall of chewing gum has been removed has generated surprise and debate in the local community. For his part, X Barcelona user Singular (@Bcnsingular) revealed the disappearance of the mural by showing a picture of the wall cleaned and now stripped of the thousands of goodies that remained stuck there.

Disappearance of the mythical Wall of Chewing Gum in Barcelona

The announcement of the disappearance of the chewing gum mural was met with mixed opinions from the community. While some lamented the loss of this peculiar urban attraction, others celebrated its disappearance, calling it unpleasant and unhealthy.

The debate about urban art and its place in Barcelona’s urban landscape continues to be a hot topic among the city’s residents and visitors.

Although the chewing gum wall has disappeared, Barcelona is still home to a rich urban art scene. From murals painted in parks to works by local artists in the streets, the city remains a melting pot of creativity and artistic expression.

However, the loss of the gum wall marks the end of an era and leaves a void in the hearts of those who once visited this unique place.

Although the Wall of Chewing Gum has disappeared, Barcelona is still home to numerous artistic murals that give life to its streets and squares. From the Three Chimneys park in Poble Sec to the works of local artists such as Roc Blackblock and TvBoy, the city continues to be a canvas for creative expression and cultural diversity.

The farewell to the mythical wall of chewing gum in the Verdun neighborhood marks the end of a chapter in Barcelona’s history. As the city evolves, it is important to remember and celebrate these places that have played a unique role in the life of the local community.

His legacy will live on in those who witnessed his uniqueness.