The 5 Chinese restaurants in Barcelona preferred by Chinese people

The 5 Chinese restaurants in Barcelona preferred by Chinese people
Photo by Chan Walrus (, all rights reserved.

Chinese restaurants in Barcelona are as common as neighborhood bars, but the authenticity of their dishes varies considerably. Many cooks, in the beginning, adapted the recipes to satisfy less daring palates, losing the essence of the authentic Chinese flavor. Today, however, there is a resurgence of authenticity, with chefs championing traditional techniques and genuine flavors.

Here are five of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants in Barcelona, preferred by both the Asian community and lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine.

5 must-visit Chinese restaurants in Barcelona

1. Spicy Soul Hot Pot

If you are looking to experience the authentic Chinese hot pot or fondue ritual, Spicy Soul Hot Pot is your place. Each table has a hot pot so you can prepare your hot pot to your liking. With more than 30 types of meat, 16 types of seafood and 28 varieties of vegetables, the choice is wide. Be careful with spicy broths, as they can be intense for those not accustomed to them.

Location: L’Eixample, C/ de Girona, 51.

2. Chen Ji

Known as the “Chinese-Chinese” of Barcelona, Chen Ji is a must for lovers of Asian cuisine and an excellent option for newcomers to this type of gastronomy. The mostly Asian clientele is a sign of authenticity. Forget the clichés, here you will find dishes true to the culture, such as Peking duck, noodles with soup and vegetable dumplings with meat, all at very reasonable prices.

Location: L’Eixample, Carrer d’Alí Bei, 65.

3. Yue Lai Chinese Restaurant

A favorite in L’Eixample, Yue Lai attracts locals and curious foodies alike. With over 130 dishes on its menu, it offers an unpretentious Cantonese Chinese flavor experience at affordable prices. Artisanal preparation, visible from the bar, adds an authentic touch to dishes such as gyozas, teriyaki chicken and stone-grilled beef.

Location: L’Eixample, Rda. de Sant Pere, 45.

4. Yuanlaos I Hotpot

Offering classic and varied hot pots, Yuanlaos I Hotpot stands out for its wide variety of ingredients and flavors. Although the prices may be a bit higher, the dining experience, decor and service make up for it. With more than 40 types of ingredients, including vegetables, meats, seafood and pasta, it is an excellent choice for hot pot lovers.

Location: L’Eixample, C/ de la Diputació, 304.

5. Chinese restaurants: Cuina Panda

Specializing in homemade Sichuan cuisine, Cuina Panda offers short but intensely spicy dishes. If you are looking for powerful flavors, this is your place. The ramen is outstanding, and dishes such as bacon stew and panda rice casserole are unforgettable.

Location: Sant Antoni, C. de Viladomat, 101.

These Chinese restaurants represent excellence in authentic Chinese cuisine in Barcelona. The quality of the products, the artisanal preparation and the authenticity of the flavors make each one an outstanding option. Whether enjoying dim sum, sharing a table of hot pot or challenging your palate with authentic Sichuan spice, any of these places will be an unforgettable culinary experience. Enjoy your meal!