Taco Méndez, a taqueria with classic Mexican dishes

The gastronomic boom in Barcelona has found a new point of reference with the arrival of Taco Méndez, a taqueria that promises to take its diners on a culinary journey to Mexico. Located in the space once occupied by Bodega 1900, this establishment is the result of a collaboration between renowned Mexican chef Paco Méndez and visionary Albert Adrià.

A post-pandemic resurgence

In an interview with a Spanish media outlet, Paco Méndez speaks as if stepping into a timeline marked by the pandemic. And the fact is that the before and after of this phenomenon has been a milestone in its gastronomic trajectory. Recalling the period prior to the virus, Méndez evokes the evolution of the El Barri group, to which well-known establishments such as Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo belonged. The success of the latter, under the direction of Méndez, and pressure from Albert Adrià, his mentor and friend, led them to expand their culinary offerings. However, the pandemic brought drastic changes, leading to the dissolution of the group and opening up new opportunities.

The essence of Taco Méndez

It is worth mentioning that Taco Méndez was born with the purpose of honoring the essence of its predecessor, Niño Viejo. The initial idea of a simple taqueria is revitalized in this new space, where the quality and authenticity of Mexican dishes are the main focus. Méndez and Adrià, after the success of COME and the renovation of Enigma, decided to join forces once again to create a place that would offer the best of Mexican gastronomy at affordable prices.

Since its opening, Taco Méndez has made clear its commitment to tradition and excellence. The menu, brief but impressive, features classic Mexican tacos made with fresh, local ingredients. The tortillas, handmade with corn ground in their own mills, are the perfect canvas for filling with succulent options such as taco al pastor, ribs or the irresistible Triple Pork.

Taco Méndez’s vibrant and welcoming atmosphere invites you to enjoy the full experience, where energetic music and fast service complement the explosion of flavors in every bite. Méndez and his team are constantly exploring new possibilities, ready to expand their offerings according to the preferences of their diners.

To conclude, it must be said that Taco Méndez stands as a gastronomic oasis in Barcelona, offering an authentic experience of Mexican cuisine in an accessible and flavorful atmosphere. Its focus on the classics of Mexican cuisine and its commitment to quality make this place a must stop for lovers of good food and culinary adventure.

ADDRESS: Carrer de Tamarit, 91, L’Eixample, Barcelona