Sra. Gallery, the art space in Barcelona dedicated to the Art Toys

Sra. Gallery, the art space in Barcelona dedicated to the Art Toys

Barcelona now has a unique addition to its cultural offer: Sra. Gallery, the first gallery in Spain dedicated exclusively to “Art toys”. Located at number 7 Méndez Núñez Street, this gallery offers a unique experience for lovers of contemporary art and collecting.

What are ‘art toys’? Although their name may lead to confusion, they are not just toys. These figures, known as ‘art toys’, are collector’s items designed by contemporary artists.

Inspired by the world of toys, these works are aimed at an adult audience interested in art and collecting. At Sra. Gallery, these pieces of art are presented as objects of desire for enthusiasts and collectors.

Sra. Gallery is an innovative space that presents an impressive collection of collectible figures, known as “Art toys”. Although the term may suggest children’s toys, these pieces are not intended for play, but are works of art conceived for adults interested in art and collecting.

Directed by Sergio Gallegos, also known as Vuitbits in the art world, Sra. Gallery houses works by national and international artists, both contemporary and classic. Featured artists include well-known names such as Kaws, Mc Bess, Kozik and Gary Baseman, among others.

The exhibited pieces, in addition to being works of art, are available for sale, although some of them may have high prices, exceeding 1,800 euros.

Sra. Gallery: specialists in Art Toys

However, Sra. Gallery aspires to be more than an exhibition and sales gallery. The space also seeks to become a meeting point for artists, collectors and art toy enthusiasts.

To achieve this, Sra. Gallery plans to organize temporary exhibitions and events that promote interaction and the exchange of ideas between the art community and art toy enthusiasts.

In addition to its function as a gallery and meeting space, Sra. Gallery will also focus on outreach and education in the field of 3D design and mold making. Sergio Gallegos plans to offer specialized workshops for those interested in exploring the art of 3D design and learning modeling and mold making techniques.

Sra. Gallery represents an exciting addition to the Barcelona art scene. With its unique focus on Art toys, this gallery offers a new and exciting experience.

Through temporary exhibitions and special events, such as the upcoming launch of the work of artist Moris de la Varga on May 9, Sra. Gallery aims to enrich the dialogue on contemporary art and collecting.

Sra. Gallery is to admire the works on display, acquire a unique piece for your collection or participate in educational workshops.