Santa Jordina, TvBoy’s new mural in Barcelona

Santa Jordina, TvBoy's new mural in Barcelona

The Catalan capital has always been the ideal setting for bold and provocative artistic expressions. This time, the talented urban artist known as TvBoy has once again left his mark on the streets of the Catalan capital with an innovative mural that has captured the attention of residents and visitors alike.

On this occasion, TvBoy has reinterpreted the classic Sant Jordi myth to adapt it to the year 2024, creating a mural that celebrates female empowerment and challenges the traditional conventions of history.

Instead of the knight Sant Jordi, it is Santa Jordina who takes center stage, a strong and determined woman wearing the typical costume of a knight. With no need for a prince charming to rescue her, Saint Jordina carries a rose instead of a sword, symbolizing the art, culture and love of the Diada.

TvBoy’s new mural in Barcelona

TvBoy’s work is more than just a reinterpretation of the myth. It is a powerful message about evolving gender roles and female empowerment in contemporary society.

As the artist himself explained, the idea of depicting the woman as an empowered figure came from his desire to update the myth to reflect the values and aspirations of today’s society.

The Santa Jordina mural not only defies conventional expectations of history, but also offers a refreshingly contemporary take on the festival of Sant Jordi.

Instead of the traditional image of a knight fighting a dragon, TvBoy presents the dragon as a sort of domesticated pet, symbolizing how St. Jordyn’s love and strength have transformed what was once a threat into something benign.

This new mural by TvBoy is just the latest example of the artist’s deep roots in the city of Barcelona and his commitment to celebrating its culture and values. Over the years, TvBoy has left his mark on the city’s streets with works that address social issues, pay tribute to prominent Catalan figures and challenge established norms.

From his works that celebrate diversity and inclusion to those that question injustices and inequalities, TvBoy has proven to be an artist committed to his environment and community.

St. Jordina is a celebration of the strength and power of women in contemporary society.

The essence of Santa Jordina

The mural, located in Plaça de Catalunya, captures the essence of the Diada de Sant Jordi in a fresh and contemporary way. According to TvBoy, this new approach is a response to the need to represent an empowered female figure in the context of the Sant Jordi myth.