Sala Parés in Barcelona

Parés Hall in BarcelonaWe go to Peritxoll street number 5 in Barcelona. And that is where the corner we are going to talk about today is located: the Sala Parés.

To talk about the Sala Parés we must look back, many years ago, to 1877. In that year, Joan Parés opened the door of what we know today as Sala Parés. However, in its beginnings it was a store of materials for artists. It was thanks to the son of the store’s creator, Joan Baptistas Parés, that it became what is today the emblematic Sala Parés art gallery in Barcelona.

Sala Parés was precisely the first art gallery established in Spain. And its success, both artistically and commercially, was resounding from the very beginning. Perhaps because since its beginnings, important and prestigious artists of the stature of Ramón Casas, Eliseu Meifrén or Santiago Rusiñol have exhibited there.

Little by little, the Sala Parés began to host, in addition to exhibitions, concerts, conferences and all kinds of artistic activities, so that it did not take long for it to become the heart of the city’s artistic life. But success began to fade in 1915, so the gallery was sold to Raimond Maragall and Joan Antón, who managed to restore the life and importance lost to the gallery through the commitment to new and young artists.

In 1988 the gallery was enlarged, incorporating a new additional exhibition room.
Its historical and artistic richness has made it possible for more than 60,000 art lovers to visit the hall every year.