Rosalía is looking for a new residence in the Vallvidrera area of Barcelona.

Rosalía is looking for a new residence in the Vallvidrera area of Barcelona.

The life of the talented Catalan artist, Rosalía, has been marked by significant changes in recent months. After captivating the music world with her outstanding performance at the Latin Grammy Awards, the singer has returned to her hectic routine.

Sharing much of her day-to-day life with her new partner, actor Jeremy Allen White, Rosalía’s life has been the subject of media attention, and it has recently been revealed that the artist is in search of a new residence in her native Barcelona.

This would not be Rosalia’s first foray into the real estate market in recent times. Before her relationship with Rauw Alejandro came to an end, the couple shared a home in Barcelona’s Eixample. Now, Rosalía has set her sights on the exclusive area of Vallvidrera.

Rosalía seeks nature and luxury close to home in Vallvidrera

Vallvidrera, located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, in the highest part of Barcelona, is presented as a luxurious option away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Rosalia’s strategic decision to explore this area not only responds to her search for exclusivity, but also brings her closer to nature and her sister’s residence. In addition, the proximity to the Tibidabo amusement park adds an additional attraction to this location.

According to information provided by the Barcelona City Council, Vallvidrera has a history closely linked to the church of Santa Maria de Vallvidrera, built in late Gothic style between 1540 and 1587.

Urban development in the second half of the 19th century defined this zone as an exclusive residential area.

Vallvidrera: an exclusive corner connected to the city

Although located on the outskirts of Barcelona, Vallvidrera, framed by the Collserola mountain range, is not disconnected from the city to which it belongs.

The tunnels that bear the name of this exclusive neighborhood and connect the city with the Vallès Occidental region pass through this mountain range. This environment offers Rosalia a potential home full of exclusivity, originality and luxury, with views of the city she loves so much.

The choice of Vallvidrera as a possible new home for Rosalía adds to the series of changes that the artist has undergone in recent months.

Her presence in the United States, working on new music and enjoying time with Jeremy Allen White, her new romantic interest, signals a stage of transformation and growth.

Rosalía: between Miami and Barcelona, between the past and the future

After performing at the Latin Grammy Awards, Rosalía left for Miami to work on her next music, leaving Spain temporarily behind. Speculation about a romantic relationship with Jeremy Allen White has also gained momentum.


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