Renowned master chocolatier Lluc Crusellas arrives at Mandarin Oriental hotel in BCN

Renowned master chocolatier Lluc Crusellas arrives at Mandarin Oriental hotel in BCN

Barcelona is getting ready to welcome one of the most outstanding chocolate masters in the world: Lluc Crusellas. With his reputation as the world’s best master chocolatier in 2022, Crusellas is ready to captivate the people of Barcelona with his exquisite creations for a full month.

The luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona has become the epicenter of Crusellas’ chocolate activity. From March 11 through April 26, 2024, residents and visitors to Barcelona will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies prepared by this renowned pastry chef.

The master chocolatier Lluc Crusellas at Mandarín

Crusellas, who won the World Chocolate Masters at the tender age of 26, will be in charge of snacks at the Mandarin Oriental hotel throughout the month. From 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., diners can indulge in a carefully crafted selection of pastries and sweets, designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The offer includes four classic Crusellas specialties, each presented in an individual format for a personalized dining experience. From a caramelized apple tatin with speculoos cookie and chantilly to a giant Ferrero milk chocolate mousse bonbon dripping with hazelnut semi-liquid.

Mandarin Oriental’s pastry chef, Josep Esturi, has worked closely with Crusellas to ensure that every detail of the snacks is impeccable. Esturi describes the collaboration as a way to activate snacking, a time slot that is very popular with locals.

What about prices?

Although the price may not be economical, at nine euros per cake and a total of 25 euros per person, the experience of enjoying the creations of one of the best pastry chefs in the world at the Mandarin Oriental’s Blanc restaurant is incomparable.

This collaboration with Crusellas marks the beginning of a series of pastry events at Mandarin Oriental, with three other prominent master chocolatiers scheduled to occupy the space in the coming weeks.

The initiative seeks to highlight excellence in pastry and provide diners with a unique and memorable experience.

But Crusellas’ influence is not limited to the confines of Mandarin Oriental. During the Easter season, Crusellas will launch a new collection of handmade chocolate monas dedicated to animals. From frogs to giraffes, these chocolate figures will delight young and old alike during the holidays.

In addition, in collaboration with Tea Shop, Crusellas has created an exclusive Matcha and white chocolate Easter Egg, available for those looking for an extra treat during the Easter season.

The presence of Lluc Crusellas in Barcelona offers chocolate lovers the opportunity to experience excellence in pastry by the hand of one of the best master chocolatiers in the world.