Renfe offers a Christmas bargain with tickets to Barcelona for only 30 euros

Renfe offers a Christmas bargain with tickets to Barcelona for only 30 euros

The Christmas season brings with it a surprise for travel lovers: Renfe has launched an attractive offer for those who wish to travel to Barcelona this holiday season by train. With tickets starting at just 30 euros, this initiative has become a tempting option for those looking for a Christmas getaway to the Catalan capital.

Renfe’s “superprice” campaign allows travelers to select dates between December 18, 2023 and January 14, 2024, thus covering the entire holiday period.

During this time, Barcelona dresses up with the magic of Christmas, offering a variety of events and activities to enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Renfe tickets to Barcelona for only 30 euros

It is essential to note that tickets must be purchased before December 12, 2023 and the choice of travel dates must be made before that deadline.

The actual trips must be completed by January 14, 2024. Advance purchase guarantees availability and flexibility in planning the visit.

This promotion, which presents minimum prices for travel to Barcelona at Christmas, allows travelers to find tickets from 30 euros.

The exact cost may vary depending on the city of origin, as Renfe has included many cities with frequent passengers in this special offer.

Zaragoza to Barcelona for less than 20 euros

Among all the available options, there is an outstanding bargain for those traveling from Zaragoza to Barcelona. This unmissable trip starts from just 19.05 euros, making it the cheapest ticket to enjoy Barcelona during this festive season.

The promotion covers different types of trains, such as Ave, Avlo or Larga Distancia, giving travelers the flexibility to choose according to their preferences and needs.

This exceptional price not only includes the train ride, but opens the door to a broader experience in Barcelona.

Once in the city, travelers can explore in comfort thanks to the Barcelona City Tour, the famous hop-on hop-off bus that offers a complete overview of the highlights. In addition, with the Rodalies de Catalunya, you can enjoy a combined Barcelona City Tour ticket with a special discount.

The Renfe website provides additional details on prices, schedules and activities to enjoy in Barcelona during Christmas.

This offer not only provides an economical opportunity to travel, but also gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant festive atmosphere of the city.

If you are looking for an affordable and festive getaway this December, Renfe’s Christmas bargain may be the answer for those who dream of enjoying Christmas in captivating Barcelona.

For more information, please visit Renfe’s official website.

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