CLUBS 2023: dance floors become ephemeral art galleries in Barcelona

CLUBS 2023: dance floors become ephemeral art galleries in Barcelona

Barcelona experiences a fascinating fusion of art and entertainment with the third edition of CLUBS 2023.

This innovative exhibition circuit, organized by the Associació de Sales de Concerts de Catalunya (ASACC), transforms the city’s iconic dance floors into ephemeral art galleries.

For two weekends in December, CLUBS will offer a unique experience that combines contemporary art, live performances and music, attracting both art lovers and nightlife enthusiasts.

Art lights up the night at CLUBS 2023

From December 9 to 10, 2023, the nightclubs of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat will open their doors to art and creativity. The following weekend, December 16-17, will be the turn of the Barcelona clubs.

This initiative, promoted by Joana Roda, director of Bombon Projects gallery, and Dessislava Pirinchieva, curator and cultural manager, aims to bring clubbing culture to the general public, redefining nightlife spaces as centers of knowledge and artistic experimentation.

The CLUBS 2023 programming presents a diverse selection of national and international artists, covering disciplines ranging from installations to video art and live performances.

This year’s highlights include Julian Rosefeldt’s “Deep Gold,” a video creation that pays homage to Luis Buñuel, and David Haines’ “Dereviled,” which challenges the perception of the male body using images of exorcisms from the LGBTQ+ community in American churches.

Sound art and visual reflections

The aural experience will also be an integral part of CLUBS 2023, with sound art pieces by artists such as Mercedes Azpilicueta, who presents “Yegua-yeta-yuta,” a recitation of insults directed at women in Argentina.

In addition, video art will be explored with works such as Prem Sahib’s “Chariots”, which uses photographs to portray the interior of abandoned gay saunas in London, and Christelle Oyiri’s “HYPERFATE”, a reflection on the fate of an artist.

One of the distinguishing features of CLUBS is its accessibility. With free admission and suitable for all ages, the event transforms nightclubs into daytime cultural spaces, allowing a diverse audience to participate in this unique fusion of art and clubbing culture.

Closing party: diversorium with Bob Pop

The third edition of CLUBS will culminate with an exciting closing party, “Diversorium,” on December 17, with Bob Pop providing the music. This party will not only be a memorable closing of the event, but also a meeting space that celebrates the diverse communities of the city.

CLUBS 2023 promises to take attendees on a unique journey where contemporary art intertwines with the vibrant energy of Barcelona’s nightlife. Clubs become canvases and dance floors become stages.

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