Play Survival Zombie, a real game, at Poble Espanyol

Play Survival Zombie, a real game, at Poble Espanyol

If you want to star in your own movie where the winner is not the one who screams or runs the loudest, but the one who manages to have a good time in this real and terrifying game, you can’t miss Survival Zombie. If you are determined, the appointment is next Friday, October 18 at Poble Espanyol. For one day this setting will change from an open-air architectural museum to a town overrun by zombies.

Fight to survive in Zombie Survival

The event created by the company World Real Games does not spare any details. Both the locations and the zombies are really scary, as both set designers and make-up artists make everything very real.

It all starts at 9 p.m. after the Poble Espanyol closes its doors to the public. By this time, every corner of the Poble resembles a post-apocalyptic space where you must avoid being hunted by zombies.

The living dead wait hidden in the shadows and darkness of the squares and alleys of the Poble. They will seek to bite you and end your life. But the goal is not to get bitten and not to get infected so that you can get the clues of the Gymkhana-style game (tests of dexterity and ingenuity by teams). Follow the plot, investigate and work as a team with the other players to save yourselves.

The game has a duration of 6 hours where you will be part of the “good guys” team and you will be able to fight the “bad guys”. But if you or any of your group is hunted, the game is not over. You will join the group of the “bad guys” and you will be able to characterize yourself as a zombie and live the experience of the other side by becoming an undead.

The Survival Zombie is a “real game” that although it is terrifying, the organizers assure that it can be enjoyed in family with children from 14 years old with written authorization of the parents.

What is the World Real Games

It is an innovative Spanish company, unique in its kind, dedicated to the research, development and production of events. It has 9 years of experience in these areas and has produced more than 250 games.

Its creations to offer alternative entertainment are so successful that they have transcended borders through franchises in Latin America. Predator Hunt, Survive the Purge and Zombie Survival have been reproduced there.

One of the successes of the company’s events is that they offer participants total realism in the setting. Some editions have even featured tanks and helicopters that integrate with the excellent decoration of the space and the realism of the undead.

Date and time of the event: Friday, October 18 from 9pm to 3am. Tickets from 39,90€ (+ booking fee). More information and ticket sales