Plan B Culture Club: The Gastrocultural Fusion Coming in November to Gràcia

In the vibrant heart of Gràcia, Barcelona, a space is in the making that promises to change the way we experience culture and gastronomy. Plan B Culture Club, run by veteran nightlife entrepreneur Isidoro Andaluz, will open its doors in early November in the iconic building formerly occupied by Microteatre Barcelona, on one of the corners of the emblematic Plaça de la Virreina. This new concept promises to be an unparalleled fusion of music, wine and gastronomy, with a distinctive touch that will take visitors on an unforgettable journey.

Isidoro Andaluz: The Genius behind Plan B Culture Club

Isidoro Andaluz, a well-known name in the nightlife world, is the visionary behind Plan B Culture Club. With extensive experience as a promoter or director of entertainment venues in such emblematic places as Distrito Distinto, Fibra Óptica, Otto Zutz, Barsalles, Atlántida in Sitges, and Amnesia and Blue Marlin in Ibiza, Isidoro Andaluz brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch that promise to take Plan B Culture Club to new heights.

In a recent interview with Crónica Global, Andaluz shared his vision for this new project. The space, which covers 300 square meters distributed over two floors, with a capacity to accommodate 100 people, will be open from five in the afternoon until late at night during the week and even later on weekends. But Plan B Culture Club will not simply be a bar or a concert hall; it will be a place where a wide variety of cultural experiences will take place.

The Gastronomic Proposal: Food Pairings, Cocktails and More

What makes Plan B Culture Club truly unique is its focus on fusing culture with gastronomy. Andaluz revealed that the space will host a wide range of shows, from live music and monologues to art exhibitions. These events will be complemented by an exceptional gastronomic offer, highlighting a wine bar and signature cocktails.

Visitors can expect a unique wine pairing experience, where wine meets opera or a DJ in an immersive concert. Upstairs, exciting exhibits will add an artistic touch to the experience. And, of course, the opportunity to taste signature cocktails prepared by talented mixologists cannot be overlooked.

Cultural Eclecticism in a Space with History

Plan B Culture Club promises to be a beacon of cultural eclecticism in the heart of Gràcia. With a wide range of events scheduled daily, from live music to art exhibitions, this space aims to attract a diverse audience, especially those in their 30s and up who are looking for a unique experience that combines cultural entertainment with fine dining.

The building that houses Plan B Culture Club has a rich cultural history, and this new chapter seeks to keep that tradition alive. In addition, during the mornings, the space will be used for activities in collaboration with local cultural entities, thus strengthening ties with the Gràcia community and contributing to the cultural enrichment of the neighborhood.

In short, Plan B Culture Club is destined to be a point of reference in Barcelona’s cultural scene, offering a unique experience that combines live music, art, gastronomy and signature cocktails in an eclectic and cozy atmosphere. Isidoro Andaluz and his team are ready to take us on an unprecedented cultural and gastronomic journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Plan B Culture Club from November and discover a new standard of entertainment in Gràcia.ç