Trick or Burn, the Underworld Halloween party at Abaixadors 10

Trick or Burn, the Underworld Halloween party at Abaixadors 10

The spookiest time of the year is approaching and with it, the promise of nights full of fun and terror. This Halloween, Burn Energy Drink presents “Trick or Burn”, a party that promises to take you into the underworld of Halloween festivities like never before. Are you ready for a terrifying and exciting experience?

The “Trick or Burn” party is scheduled for October 26, 2023 and will take place at the iconic Abaixadors 10 space, located in the heart of Barcelona, in the Born, behind Via Laietana.

The event will be divided into three zones, each offering a unique and immersive experience. From a passage of terror at the old entrance to a main room filled with creepy creatures and a neon room full of surprises, the party promises to take attendees on a journey to the underworld.

The Halloween music that makes beasts dance

Music is a fundamental part of any Halloween party and “Trick or Burn” is no exception. Two of the most hypnotic commercial and pop DJs of the moment, Miss Tuk and Bulma Beat, will be in charge of keeping attendees on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

With a track record that includes performances at FC Barcelona celebrations and Barcelona’s most prominent venues, this duo promises a unique and chilling musical experience.

In addition to their musical talent, Miss Tuk and Bulma Beat will also dress up for the occasion, ensuring that the stage show is as stunning as the music they play.

Gastronomy to die for

In “Trick or Burn”, it’s not only about music and terror, but also about satisfying your cravings. Gluttony is the cardinal sin of the evening and attendees will have plenty of opportunities to sin. Free refreshments will be available throughout the evening.

In addition to drinks, you will be able to enjoy Machaka’s delicious burgers, which will be available for free. With delicacies that seem to be straight out of your most extravagant nightmares, food will be an essential part of this dining experience.

Halloween death scares and spooky makeup

One of the most exciting aspects of “Trick or Burn” is the horror passage, full of Machiavellian creatures played by professional actors. After facing your fears in the passage of terror, these creatures will join the party, keeping the atmosphere scary all night long.

If you want to compete with these creatures in terms of creepiness, you will have the opportunity to perfect your makeup thanks to a team of makeup artists who will be present at the event.

In addition to the scares, there will also be giveaways, raffles and unexpected experiences, so be prepared for some supernatural surprises!