Plaça dels Àngels is transformed into a more friendly, dynamic and green space.

Plaça dels Àngels is transformed into a more friendly, dynamic and green space.

Barcelona City Council has announced ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the iconic Plaça dels Àngels, also known as the MACBA square.

This iconic area will be transformed into a greener and more dynamic space, with the aim of providing a friendlier environment for residents of the Ciutat Vella district and visitors to the city.

The renovation of the square will involve several fundamental changes, including the construction of new facilities and the expansion of the MACBA, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The main objective is to revitalize the public space and create new opportunities for leisure and recreation.

One of the most outstanding features of the project is the incorporation of green areas and living areas, which will offer citizens spaces to relax and enjoy the outdoors. In addition, a viewing terrace is planned to be built at the MACBA, which will be open to the public and will offer breathtaking views of the city.

The new Plaza dels Àngels

The design of the new plaza is being developed by Meier Partners Architects, the firm in charge of the redevelopment. Although several aesthetic options are still being evaluated, preliminary studies show a promising vision of a modern and welcoming space.

The refurbishment will also include the construction of the new Raval Nord Primary Care Center in the former Misericordia Chapel. This new health center will offer improved medical services and contribute to improving the quality of life of area residents.

On the other hand, the expansion of MACBA will provide more space for exhibitions, galleries and cultural activities. With a terrace open to the public, the museum will seek to promote contemporary art and culture, as well as encourage debate and reflection on important issues for society.

Green, dynamic and friendly environment

The new Plaça dels Àngels will be designed to offer a greener and more welcoming environment. A viewing terrace will be incorporated from the MACBA, as well as lounge areas with loungers and benches along with large green areas. These elements will create new flows and itineraries to enjoy the public space and encourage social interaction.

The refurbishment of the Plaça dels Àngels also responds to the demands of the local community. The Xarxa Veïnal del Raval has long requested the creation of more pleasant and less harsh spaces in the neighborhood, and this urban planning action seeks to respond to these requests.

In addition, the renovation of the public space is part of a comprehensive plan that includes improvements in mobility, cleanliness and maintenance, as well as a commercial revitalization plan to boost economic activity in the area.

The project is a step towards a more sustainable and inclusive urban development.