Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona: first pediatric oncology center in Spain

Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona: first pediatric oncology center in Spain

The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu inaugurated the Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona, PCCB. It is the first pediatric oncology center in Spain, the second in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

The new facilities have 37 single rooms, 26 boxes for the Day Hospital, 21 outpatient consultation rooms and 8 transplant chambers.

The center is scheduled to open its doors at the end of June. And this became a reality thanks to the contributions of 15 founding donors, as well as hundreds of companies that joined the cause, along with thousands of individuals, who managed to raise a total of 37 million euros.

With the new infrastructure, the hospital will increase its capacity to treat new cases of childhood cancer by 35%, from the current 300 to 400 per year.

Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona: advanced oncology for the little ones

The hospital’s managing director, Manel del Castillo, said during the hospital’s inauguration that “it was a historic day for the whole team and I hoped that it would also be a historic day for the history of childhood cancer”.

The PCCB marks a real before and after in the future of childhood cancer. And not only for patients from the city or the country, but also for international patients, especially from Latin America. All thanks to a capacity of 400 new patients per year.

It should be noted that a cure for childhood cancer can advance in research when a sufficient number of cases can be studied. Healthy research is what they aspire to at the PCCB.



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