Outrage among dog owners over premature closure of parks in Barcelona


Outrage among dog owners over premature closure of parks in Barcelona

In the middle of the night, when the hustle and bustle of the city begins to fade and the streets are immersed in tranquility, Barcelona dog owners prepare to take their pets for a walk in the designated parks.

However, outrage has erupted among these pet owners due to the premature closure of the parks, which prevents them from fully enjoying the time allotted for their furry companions’ recreation.

In parks such as La Pegaso, located between the neighborhoods of Sant Andreu and La Sagrera, dog owners find themselves with the unpleasant surprise that the park closes earlier than scheduled, leaving them with a third less than the stipulated time for their pets’ evening walk.

This situation is repeated in several parks in the city, generating confusion and discomfort among the community of dog owners.

Dog owners protest premature park closures

The cause of this indignation lies in the lack of consistency between the schedules established by the City Council and the reality on the ground.

Despite signs indicating that parks will be open until 11:00 pm for shared use with pets, the reality is that many of these spaces close earlier, often around 10:00 pm. This discrepancy between what was promised and what was delivered leaves dog owners feeling frustrated and cheated.

The situation is further aggravated by the lack of adequate signage in the parks. Many dog owners are forced to sneak through holes in the hedges that delimit the parks, sometimes resulting in confrontations with local authorities.

The absence of clear and accurate information only adds to the uncertainty and frustration of the dog-owning community, which feels unfairly treated in comparison to other park users, such as those who hold late-night botellones.

The City Council takes action

The City Council recently announced changes to park schedules to address this issue. Modifications have been made to adjust the schedules to the reality of each park, in the hope of avoiding future confusion and conflicts.

Despite these efforts, the new schedule has not been enthusiastically received by all those affected, as some feel that nighttime usage hours have been cut in favor of daytime slots that may be less comfortable for them and their pets.

The pet-owning community hopes that park users will be able to fully enjoy these public spaces as promised. They are calling for an equitable and transparent solution that benefits both the animals and their owners and walkers.