English Literature in Barcelona at the new Back Story Book Shop

English Literature in Barcelona at the new Back Story Book Shop

The city of Barcelona has welcomed a new addition to its bookstore community: the Back Story Book Shop. Located in the heart of the Eixample district, at 330 Mallorca Street, this bookstore is ready to captivate lovers of English literature.

Behind this new venture are Katie and Abbie, two American women who, after meeting in an outdoor training class in Barcelona, decided to join forces and create a space dedicated to literature in English.

Its main goal is to create a welcoming and vibrant place that serves as a meeting point for the city’s English-speaking community, as well as for locals interested in immersing themselves in English-language literature.

A magic tunnel for children

A unique feature of Back Story Book Shop is its children’s area, accessible through a magical tunnel that transports youngsters to a world of imagination and adventure. Here, children can explore a wide selection of age-appropriate books and immerse themselves in enchanting stories that feed their creativity and curiosity.

In addition to being a destination for reading lovers, Back Story Book Shop also serves as a community space, with regular events including book clubs, open mic nights and meetings for foreign students.

The bookstore strives to foster a connection between readers and create an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported in their love of literature.

Back Story Book Shop: new products for everyone

Upon entering the Back Story Book Shop, visitors are greeted by a carefully designed space divided into several sections housing a wide variety of literary works. From literary classics to the latest novelties, the bookstore offers something for everyone.

In addition to its extensive selection of books, the Back Story Book Shop also serves as a venue for a variety of literary and cultural events. From book clubs to open mic nights, the space is designed to foster community and promote a passion for literature in English.

An initiative with passion

The Back Story Book Shop project was born out of Katie and Abbie’s shared passion for books and their desire to create a space where readers could gather, explore new stories and share their love of literature.

For Katie, this project represents an exciting detour from her previous career as a consultant, while for Abbie, it is an opportunity to bring her passion for children’s books to life in a new and exciting way.

At the Back Story Book Shop readers can lose themselves in imaginary worlds.