Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014The world’s most important congress dedicated to new technologies for mobile telephony, the Mobile World Congress 2014, is coming to Barcelona for yet another year. The famous event will be held in Barcelona from February 24 to 27. And for the second consecutive year it will be held at the Fira de la Gran Vía.

Mobile device manufacturers, mobile service companies, distributors and many other companies in the sector will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2014.

The congress returns for another year, but with new features, as it could not be otherwise in an event of this nature and level. And if we have to highlight a novelty, it is the presence of 4YFN (4 Years From Now), the new event for entrepreneurs, which aims to form networking and connect supply and demand.

The organization expects more than 1,700 companies from the sector to be present at the event, showcasing their products, services and new technologies related to mobile telephony. HTC, Huawei, Intel, LG, MasterCard, Telefónica, Visa, Vodafone, Mozilla, NEC, Nokia, Acer, Alcatel-Lucent, Deutsche Telekom, Ford Motor Company… are just some of the companies that will be present. And some of the companies that will have a space at Mobile World Congress 2014 have already announced the mobile innovations they will present at the event. Others, however, prefer to bet on mystery and sow intrigue until the moment of the event arrives.