Mick Jagger dined at an iconic Barcelona restaurant, a temple of fish and seafood

Mick Jagger dined at an iconic Barcelona restaurant, a temple of fish and seafood

Mick Jagger, the iconic Rolling Stones singer, recently enjoyed a dinner at one of Barcelona’s most emblematic restaurants, Estimar, which specializes in seafood.

The restaurant, owned by chef Rafa Zafra, is widely recognized as a national reference point for seafood lovers.

Jagger, who was in Barcelona with Ron Wood to promote his latest album, “Hackney Diamonds,” made sure to enjoy a special evening in the city. Beginning with an exciting derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the afternoon, Mick Jagger capped off his day with an exceptional dinner at Estimar.

Known for his love for gastronomy, Mick Jagger usually visits the best restaurants in every city he visits. His choice to dine at Estimar was not surprising, as he had previously sampled some of Rafa Zafra’s dishes, so he knew he could expect an exceptional dining experience.

Although the restaurant was completely full, Jagger managed to secure a table for his dinner.

Mick Jagger in Estimate

At Estimar, located on Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers street in Barcelona, Jagger opted for an iconic seafood of both the restaurant and Catalan gastronomy: the Palamós shrimp.

This delicacy was served with salt, enhancing its flavor and texture. In addition, it has been reported that the menu also included delicacies such as toast with butter and caviar, clams, anchovies and crayfish carpaccio.

One of Rafa Zafra’s most famous dishes, the famous “Bikini de Estimar,” also made an appearance at the dinner. This dish consists of cream cheese, smoked salmon tartar and caviar that Jagger had previously tasted in Ibiza, at Casa Jondal, another trendy place on the White Island.

Not only did he share this delight with his team, but he also had the opportunity to enjoy it with another great star, Leonardo DiCaprio.

After an exceptional dinner at Estimar, Mick Jagger and his group, composed of ten people from his close circle, decided to continue their evening at one of the best cocktail bars in the world: Paradiso, in Barcelona.

This establishment has been recognized as the World’s Best Bar in 2022 by The World’s 50 Best Bars, and remained in fourth place this year.

While we don’t know the specific cocktails they enjoyed, it’s safe to say that their choice was as intense and exciting as Jagger himself.

Mick Jagger’s visit to Estimar is not only a testament to his passion for gastronomy, but also highlights the quality of the cuisine and reputation of Barcelona’s restaurants, which attract celebrities from around the world.

The city continues to be a renowned gastronomic destination.

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