Badalona starts assembling the largest Christmas tree in the country

Badalona starts assembling the largest Christmas tree in the country

The Christmas spirit is already in the air and Badalona, neighboring city of Barcelona, is preparing to host the tallest Christmas tree in Spain and possibly the world.

This majestic tree will be 40 meters high and will have a diameter of 15 meters, far exceeding the dimensions of its closest rival, the Vigo tree.

The assembly of this giant tree began recently in the President Tarradellas square, in front of the Olympic pavilion and is expected to last for a week to ten days.

The official date for the lighting of the lights is scheduled for November 18, 2023, when 82,000 pixel lights will illuminate the tree and create a spectacle of light and music to the delight of all present.

What makes this tree even more special is that it will not only be a decorative element visible from the outside, but its structure will be walkable, allowing visitors to explore its interior.

Badalona will become a Christmas reference throughout the country.

A giant Christmas tree

The project to bring the Christmas spirit to every corner of Badalona has required an investment of 1.7 million euros. This includes not only the giant tree but also other improvements, such as three additional floats in the Three Kings parade.

The Three Wise Men will arrive by helicopter from far away to participate in this unique celebration.

The illuminated tree will be erected in the Gorg neighborhood, right in front of the Olympic Pavilion. Its height is equivalent to a 13-story building, making it truly impressive.

Xavier Garcia Albiol, mayor of Badalona, has declared that the main objective of this giant tree is to fill with illusion the inhabitants of Badalona, especially children. It also aims to attract visitors from other cities to admire the tree and at the same time, to know the gastronomic and economic offer of Badalona.

The work for the installation of the giant Christmas tree will take between seven and nine days and about ten large trucks will be used.

Vigo and Badalona: friendly rivalry

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, had previously extended an invitation to the mayor of Badalona to visit his city and enjoy his own illuminated tree, which is also extraordinary.

To this, the mayor of Badalona has responded with an invitation to Abel Caballero, urging him to visit Badalona and admire the “biggest Christmas tree in the world”.

The mayor of Badalona has clarified that he is not seeking to compete with other cities. In fact, he insists that if Vigo had the tallest tree in the world, now Badalona can also hold this title.

This friendly inter-city rivalry just adds a touch of fun to the holiday season.