Michelin Gala 2024 in Barcelona: details of the gastronomic event of the year


Michelin Gala 2024 in Barcelona: advance details of the gastronomic event of the year

Excitement is building in anticipation of the Michelin Gala 2024, which will be held at the Auditori Fòrum of the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) on Tuesday, November 28.

The Michelin Gala is one of the most anticipated culinary events, and this year will be no exception. Miguel Pereda, director of marketing and sales of Michelin Experiences for Spain and Portugal, said that “a lot of things are going to happen” in this edition.

The dinner menu has already been defined, and the gala is practically ready to surprise the attendees.

The appeal of this gala is undeniable, with 12 chefs from nine Barcelona restaurants with a total of 17 Michelin stars contributing their culinary expertise.

Among the prominent chefs are Jordi Cruz, brothers Javier and Sergio Torres, and Pablo Casagrande, all holders of three Michelin stars.

Michelin Gala 2024 in Barcelona

The absence of women among the chefs has attracted attention at this event. Mònica Rius, Michelin’s director of communications for Spain and Portugal, explained that the choice of chefs is based on criteria of international projection, the historical importance of the houses, the variety of cuisines and the leadership of their chefs, rather than gender.

The Michelin Gala is not only an event for lovers of haute cuisine, but also an opportunity to highlight the “excellence of the city” of Barcelona.

A social media campaign will involve sports, art and communication personalities, such as Pau Gasol and Laura Escanes, who will mention people they consider to be references, allowing the general public to participate in this culinary celebration.

Before the gala

As a prelude to the gala, the auditorium of La Pedrera will host a debate on the role of wine in gastronomy on November 13. However, some other more specific details are being withheld until communicated via social media.

In an effort to bring the event to a wider audience, the Barcelona City Council and the Consorci de Turisme de Barcelona have promoted the program “El teu mercat té una estrella” (Your market has a star).

This program seeks to offer professional cooking sessions open to the public in the city’s markets between October 20 and November 6. This will allow award-winning chefs to share their knowledge with locals and visitors, avoiding the event being seen as exclusive.

Barcelona, with a total of 35 Michelin stars in 24 establishments, consolidates its position as the Spanish city with the highest number of Michelin stars.

In addition, more than 70 establishments in the city stand out under different distinctions, underlining the richness of Barcelona’s culinary offer.