Meg Ryan at BCN Film Fest presented her second film as a director

Meg Ryan at BCN Film Fest presented her second film as a director

Barcelona has become the epicenter of cinema and not only for the celebration of the Sant Jordi Film Awards. Barcelona welcomed Meg Ryan, the iconic actress of the 80s and 90s, who arrived to present her second film as director, “What Happens Next”, at the BCN Film Fest.

At 62, Meg Ryan radiates elegance and maturity. While it has faced criticism in the past for its aesthetic choices, its presence in Barcelona is proof of its renewed splendor.

Receiving the Honorary Award at the RNE Sant Jordi Cinematography Awards, Ryan has demonstrated that his legacy in the film industry transcends beyond his work in front of the camera.

Meg Ryan at the BCN Film Fest

The film he presents, “What Happens Next,” is a romantic comedy that explores the complexities of love in middle age.

Co-starring David Duchovny, the story follows an ex-couple who reunite at an airport during a storm, unearthing feelings of nostalgia and missed opportunities. The premise, according to Ryan, seeks to capture the magic of chance encounters and the melancholy of second chances.

But the film goes beyond the typical romantic comedy. It addresses issues such as regret, the difficulty of integrating into the labor market in adulthood and the complexity of human relationships.

With characters well into their 60s, “What Happens Next” offers an honest and poignant look at the passage of time and the decisions that shape our lives.

For Ryan, directing this film has been a journey of self-discovery. Inspired by Nora Ephron, the legendary director of “You’ve Got an Email” and “Something to Remember,” Ryan has found in directing a new way to express herself artistically. While he recognizes the challenges and responsibilities that come with directing a film, he also values the opportunity to work with a talented and committed team.

Barcelona in the world of cinema

Ryan’s visit to Barcelona represents not only the presentation of his latest film, but also a moment of reflection on his career and his evolution as an artist. Although the world of filmmaking has changed since its glory days in the 1990s, Ryan remains committed to her passion for the art and authenticity in her work.

In an industry dominated by market forces and the quest for instant relevance, Ryan stresses the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing authenticity rather than fame. Although her success in Hollywood brought her to the pinnacle of fame, she now finds joy in the small pleasures of life and in the creative process of filmmaking.