Maru Botana, sweet Argentine flavors that conquer Barcelona

Maru Botana, sweet Argentine flavors that conquer Barcelona

Maru Botana, renowned pastry chef and TV presenter in Argentina, has taken her exquisite sweets to Europe, marking her first commercial incursion in this continent.

With an establishment located at Roger de Llúria 114, Maru Botana has managed to become a gastronomic phenomenon in the Catalan capital.

Its Argentine flavors have conquered palates in Barcelona, even generating endless queues in an establishment that has revolutionized the pastry scene in the city.

Since its opening in July, Maru Botana’s pastry shop has become a meeting point, attracting locals and tourists alike. What began as a European foray backed by Banco Santander has become a resounding success, with endless queues of people looking to try the irresistible Argentine sweets on offer.

The temptation of tasting delicacies such as rogel, red fruit marquise and almond sablé has proved irresistible for the inhabitants of Barcelona and those who visit the city.

Maru Botana, known for her daily dedication to making sweets, attributes the success of her establishment to the quality of the ingredients and the freshness of her products.

The Maru Botana phenomenon in Barcelona

The cakes, presented in generous portions, have conquered Barcelona’s palates. With prices ranging from nine to 11 euros, these Argentine sweets have found a special place in the heart of the community.

The offer is not limited only to sweets, as the bakery also offers savory options, such as roast beef sandwiches marinated in chimichurri sauce and salmon sandwiches on walnut bread.

In addition to delighting with its products, Maru Botana has expanded its proposal by offering pastry and cooking workshops that have been very well received by customers. The experience goes beyond tasting; now, cooking enthusiasts can learn the secrets behind the delicacies that have conquered Barcelona.

Why Barcelona?

The choice of Barcelona as the first European destination for Maru Botana’s expansion was no coincidence. The Argentine pastry chef explains that she already knew and loved the city, but what really convinced her were the many Argentines who recognized her on the street and showed her their affection.

The significant presence of the Argentine community in Barcelona, with more than 41,000 residents, made the Catalan capital the perfect place to introduce the authentic flavors of Argentine pastries.

“The people of Barcelona have a gastronomic culture similar to ours, they also like to eat well, as we do, and once they discover us, they always come back”, emphasizes Maru Botana.

The success in Barcelona has awakened in Maru Botana the desire to continue expanding with a new establishment in Madrid, consolidating its presence in Spain.

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