Maison Carne, a restaurant for meat lovers

Maison Carne, a restaurant for meat lovers

A one kilo T-bone steak accompanied by a bowl of salad, a cone of french fries and a slice of pork liver pate is the only, but exquisite dish you will be able to try at Maison Carne. This restaurant is the place where you can definitely “take it or leave it”.

The plate with the T-bone steak costs 29 €, drinks not included. But you should know that if you want half of the steak or only 250 grams, they will not sell it to you.

Also on the menu they offer wine by the centimeter and charge you according to how much you drink. For example, they bring you a full bottle of house wine (the magnum of 1.5 liters) and for every centimeter you drink you pay 1 €. Curiously, the glass of the wine bottle is engraved with a tape measure that marks how much you drink. If you drink it all you pay 24€.

If you love meat, Maison Carne is for you.

The “all or nothing” restaurant is a tribute to good meat at a fair and “democratic” price. So it is considered because the pieces of meat that pass through the Josper oven can be shared with another person, so that in the end if two eat the same dish, the bill comes out to less than 15 € per person. But if there are more diners who come to eat the same dish, they will have to pay an extra 8 € each.

At Maison Carne the only two options other than the one-kilo T-bone steak you can order are a hamburger from the children’s menu and a French cheese plate. This table also has its own original payment system. Initially they weigh it (it costs 6€ per kilo), then you eat whatever you want and they weigh it again later, this way they only charge you for what you have consumed. For dessert they offer cheesecake and crème brûlée.

The design and decoration of Maison Carne

The place looks like a butcher’s shop as it has a showcase with hanging pieces, as well as white marble tables with knives inserted in them and white ceramics on the walls.

This is also why many customers do not eat there directly but prefer to buy the meat and take it home. In this case the kilo costs 20€. This delicious meat and cutlets come from cows of the black-titted Friesian breed. These specimens have the particularity that their milk is not of sufficient quality for the production of Parmesan cheese.

At Maison, the cows stay there for a year to take care of them. They are then slaughtered to prepare those juicy steaks that please the palate of any diner.

The restaurant is the perfect combination of gastronomic delights and visual appeal.

Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 206, 08036 Barcelona