Llum BCN 2024 promises to illuminate the heart of Poblenou in Barcelona

Llum BCN 2024 promises are and lighting in the heart of Poblenou in Barcelona

Barcelona is getting ready to light up Poblenou with the arrival of the Llum BCN 2024 Festival, a unique celebration that highlights the creativity of local and international artists in the field of light arts.

From February 2-4, 2024, this vibrant neighborhood will become the canvas for the expression of light, fusing different artistic disciplines in a unique visual experience.

This festival, an initiative of the Institut de cultura de Barcelona (ICUB), stands as a showcase for the creative diversity of Barcelona.

From contemporary art to design, architecture, technology and lighting design, Llum BCN 2024 seeks to transcend the boundaries of creativity, embracing both emerging artists and globally acclaimed names.

The Llum BCN 2024 approach: public space and visibilization of women artists

With the outstanding artistic direction of Maria Güell and international guest curator Juliette Bibasse, the event focuses on the relationship between artworks and public space.

In addition, it highlights the commitment to make visible the talent of women artists in the field of light arts, promoting equity and diversity in the creative scene.

In this edition, the program will be enriched with 13 professional art installations and 17 others created by architecture and design schools in Barcelona.

The collaboration with Poblenou Urban District adds ten more installations to Off Llum BCN, expanding the proposal to around 40 works that explore the multiple disciplines that converge in the light arts.

Llum BCN 2024, an immersive experience

One of the most outstanding installations this year will be located at the DHub. Entitled “Patterns and Recognitions: A Three-Part Composition by United Visual Artists,” this proposal by British studio United Visual Artists is curated by Jose Luis de Vicente and Maria Güell, and sponsored by Integrated Systems Europe (ISE).

Composed of three works: Silent Symphony, Vanishing Point and Present Shock, this installation promises to captivate viewers with its unique combination of light and art.

The temporary exhibition in Room A of the DHub, scheduled to run through March 17, 2024, will allow those unable to attend during the festival dates to immerse themselves in the artistic experience beyond the celebration.

For his part, the designer Àlex Gifreu, a native of Menorca, has left his mark on the graphic image of Llum BCN 2024. Its design, ingenious and captivating, uses chromatic contrasts, color gradients and letter outlines to simulate the graphic representation of light.

Typography is the central element, with compositions and a vibrant, almost fluorescent chromatic range. Gifreu’s creativity achieves optical effects and a variable visual perception depending on the reading distance and the size of each support.


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