La Maquinista in Barcelona, the best model of urban living

La Maquinista in Barcelona, the best model of urban living

Barcelona is preparing to welcome an innovative urban transformation. The renowned La Maquinista shopping center will become the first commercial complex with housing in the city, marking a milestone in urban development and mixed-use integration in the Catalan capital.

With the construction of 600 new apartments distributed in three blocks of up to sixteen floors, La Maquinista will become an emblem of urban evolution.

These floors will rise above stores, creating a balance between commercial and residential spaces. Work on this expansion will begin at the end of 2024, with the ambition to complete the commercial part in 2026 and the residential part in 2027.

The project, designed by BatlleRoig studio, focuses on creating a dynamic urban environment that combines the convenience of retail with the comfort of residential living.

With a total of 47,500 square meters dedicated to residential and 27,000 square meters for commercial uses, this development promises to revitalize the Sant Andreu area and offer a new urban lifestyle.

The La Maquinista project in Barcelona

One of the distinctive features of this project is its focus on proximity trade and community facilities.

In addition to traditional retail space, 5,000 square meters will be dedicated to local businesses and shared services, such as gyms and coworking spaces. This integration promotes social interaction and the creation of a cohesive community within the complex.

In terms of housing, both free market units and subsidized housing will be offered. Of the 600 new apartments, 41,500 square meters will be open market, while the rest will be for subsidized housing.

This diversity of housing options ensures accessibility and inclusion within the development, while fostering socioeconomic diversity in the surrounding area.

A great example of urban planning

The initiative led by Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) represents a significant advance in sustainable urban planning and the creation of vibrant communities. With a focus on quality of life and accessibility, La Maquinista is positioned as a role model for future urban developments in Barcelona and beyond.

However, the project is not without controversy. Despite the potential benefits it offers, the proposal has faced criticism and opposition from some sectors of the community and local authorities. Final approval of the project is still pending, and the development process is expected to continue over the next few years.

As Barcelona moves into the future, the transformation of La Maquinista represents a step forward in creating a more inclusive, dynamic and sustainable urban environment. With a unique combination of retail and housing, this project promises to redefine the urban experience.