Juno House Club: an exclusive club for enterprising women in Barcelona

Juno House Club: an exclusive club for enterprising women in Barcelona

Inspired by women’s clubs in England and New York, the “Juno House Club” was born in Barcelona a few months ago, a social club exclusively for women with the aim of weaving personal and professional relationships.

Located in the old Farinera de Aribau building (Aribau street, 226) in Barcelona, it is a revolution for women entrepreneurs in the city.

This new stage was inaugurated with exclusivity and good taste, after a great work of adaptation and interior design. In fact, the last use of this site was for the operation of a mechanical workshop.

What is the purpose of the Juno House Club?

It cannot be categorized as a care center, a gym or a coworking space. The main objective of the club is to be the 21st century’s own room for businesswomen, entrepreneurs or liberal workers who wish to be financially independent.

The club can become a space to leave the children when they have meetings. It can also become a yoga or meditation room or a “speak easy” club to enjoy a drink with friends after work.

The building has five floors of more than 1,000 square meters where meeting rooms, a library, soundproof booths, a stage for lectures and presentations have been set up.

There is also space for self-care with a meditation and yoga room. It has a game room, powder room and dressing room and a massage cabin. The facilities include a restaurant and a cafeteria.