Iryo high-speed train to operate from November between Madrid-Barcelona

Iryo high-speed train to operate from November between Madrid and Barcelona

Iryo, the commercial brand of the Ilsa company, confirmed that as of November 2022 it will start operating the Iryo high-speed train, initially covering the Madrid – Barcelona route.


Iryo’s entry into the market will be developed progressively. It will first launch its frequencies between the Spanish capital and Barcelona, and then begin to cover other routes.

The second route will be between Madrid – Valencia, then covering Madrid – Alicante and Madrid – Seville with connections to Malaga and Cordoba.

In this way, the high-speed company will begin to compete from November with Renfe and Ouigo, particularly on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona route.

The Iryo high-speed train

The high-speed trains are better known as “Frecciarossa 1000”. They are well known for their red color, but more so because they operate on 100% renewable energy and are made from 95% recyclable materials.


The use of clean energy allows them to stop emitting 80% of carbon dioxide per person per trip.

Iryo will become the third largest operator of the country’s railway network and the second largest in terms of number of circulations. To this end, it expanded its workforce with the incorporation of 65 additional drivers to drive the 20 ETR 1000s that make up the fleet.

At present, trains are already undergoing mandatory homologation tests in the different sections of the Adif network.

In particular, tests are being carried out on the Madrid-Barcelona route and on the Madrid-Seville section, where a positive result has already been received in the European railway control system, ETCS.