In Dance Studio: academy to learn the viral choreographies of TikTok

In Dance Studio: academy to learn the viral choreographies of TikTok

Are you a fan of urban dances and viral TikTok choreographies?

Then, you are in luck, because the new academy In Dance Studio, specialized in teaching the most popular dances of the moment, has arrived in Barcelona.

Located in the Fort Pienc neighborhood, In Dance Studio offers regular classes in Asian urban dance, from K-pop to hip hop and funk.

In addition, the academy has workshops and master classes taught by dance groups experts in the dances of the K-pop groups that sweep TikTok.

In Dance Studio (Roger de Flor, 90) is the answer to the growing demand of people who want to learn the viral choreographies of TikTok.

On this platform, the songs and dances of K-pop groups such as NewJeans have millions of followers and have become true global phenomena.

For this reason, the academy has specialized in teaching the choreographies of these groups, so that its students can dance like true professionals.

In Dance Studio: a whole experience in viral choreographies

The academy encourages its students to go out and dance and record themselves in the street, following the typical dance challenges that are sweeping the App.

In this way, students can practice their movements and share them on social networks, so that everyone can see what they have learned.

In addition, In Dance Studio is closely tied to the neighborhood’s Asian community, which is reflected in its bilingual communications in Spanish and Chinese.

In this way, the academy brings Asian culture to the Catalan capital and promotes the integration of different cultures through music and dance.

In Dance Studio is the perfect academy for those who want to learn how to dance to the latest TikTok hits and feel like a real professional.

Their teachers are experts in Asian urban dances and will teach you all the moves you need to succeed on any dance floor.

In addition, their workshops and masterclasses will allow you to learn from the best, while having fun and meeting new people.

So if you want to learn to dance like the K-pop groups of TikTok, don’t hesitate and sign up for In Dance Studio.

You will be the king or queen of any party and you will be able to share your moves on social networks so they can see what you have learned.

If you want to learn how to do the most viral TikTok dances and become an expert dancer.

In the new academy in Barcelona you will be able to learn the most complicated steps of the K-pop groups that take the platform by storm, as well as the most popular dance challenges on TikTok.

With regular classes you can perfect your moves and record yourself dancing to share it with the world on the social network of the moment.