If Gaudí were alive in 2023, what would his buildings look like?

Si Gaudí viviera en 2023, ¿Cómo serían sus edificios?

Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to set the atmosphere of what his buildings would be like if Gaudí lived in 2023.

And it was possible thanks to the Gaudism digital project that fuses architecture and nature under the inspiration of the Catalan architect. It was the exploration of unfathomable new worlds.

The initiative arose in August 2022, when Ariadna Giménez, founder and creative director of Gaudism, explored the different possibilities of using an Artificial Intelligence tool.

With this, she achieved an approach to the genius of the architect and artist of modernism.

If Gaudí lived in 2023

Ariadna Giménez used the Artificial Intelligence . AI, “Midjourney” that allows to create fantastic images inspired by Gaudí’s work.

Midjourney is capable of transforming words into images.

Although Giménez’s intention is not to imitate Gaudí, his interest is to create his own style or philosophy inspired by the highlights of the Catalan architect’s work.

The artificial intelligence design program Midjourney offers great potential at a visual level without the need to spend entire days in the 3D creation process.

Each image created with Midjourney takes less than 2 minutes to complete, although various tests must be carried out beforehand.

Thanks to the tool, it has been possible to delve deeper into the work of the great modernist architect.

Gaudí’s architecture, as in the case of Casa Batlló, can now be seen with all its natural elements, play of light and organic forms.

Seeing this house in IA is a fantasy that transports us to a temple of dreams, light and peace. It is ethereal and fantastic.

The program allows us to be inspired by nature and architecture: the two elements in the same space, until it becomes a whole.

On social networks

On her Instagram, which already has more than 100 thousand followers, they thank her for creating dreamlike worlds, with images so real that they allow them to dream.

It is a way to unite spaces and open hope to create a different lifestyle, where humans and nature are one.

The project allows through Artificial Intelligence, to see how Gaudí’s constructions would be if he were alive in 2023.

The Gaudism project seeks to pay homage to the work of Antonio Gaudí, taking on a new and unexpected dimension.

A tribute to this great architect whose work has already been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Gaudism seeks to explore new futuristic scenarios where the past, the modernism of the master’s work and current technology are integrated.

It is a new philosophy of life, where architecture offers such an experiential experience that integrates with life and natural beauty.