How to visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?

The visit to the Sagrada Familia is one of the best experiences you can enjoy when visiting Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished work is a popular monument that received more than four and a half million tourists in 2019, according to the Ministry of Culture.

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The Sagrada Familia impresses any visitor both inside and out for its modernist work. It is the most visited monument in Spain and one of the most popular worldwide. Although it is not yet finished, it is a very attractive architectural space to visit.

Some information to visit the Sagrada Familia

The symbol of Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, a starting point to start visiting modernist monuments in Barcelona and other cities in Spain. It is ideal for weekend getaways or getting to know a new story.

Its construction began in 1882 in a neo-Gothic style, although Antoni Gaudí became the architect of this work, modifying its style to modern. He is the best exponent of modernism with naturalistic style and religious symbolism who worked for 43 years in construction until his accidental death.

The Sagrada Familia is a work that reflects nature, religions and Catalonia. Nature is present in an entrance that simulates a forest. Religions have their place in every detail of the work, while Catalonia is represented by the four provinces in the columns: Barcelona, Lleida, Girona and Tarragona.

It is designed so that the light falls at every moment of the day; the stained glass windows produce spectacular colors.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2026. The future entry will have the Lord’s Prayer in 60 languages. It is a temple without regular worship or masses that preserves the buried body of Antonio Gaudí, in the crypt.

The final height will be 172.5 meters. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.

barcelona in springThe visit to the Sagrada Familia

When visiting the Sagrada Familia it is important to know how the tour inside will be. The organization starts with the purchase of tickets online in advance to enter the towers and live an incredible experience.


Access to the Sagrada Familia is via Carrer de la Marina. There is a previous control to check bags, backpacks, among others.

Photographs and videos

To take photographs and videos it is necessary to ask for special permission before the visit. No tripod or large video camera may be carried.


It is not possible to wear hats or sunglasses in the basilica and the museum. Neither clothes with transparencies, strapless shirts or shorts.

Food and beverages

It is not allowed to eat or drink inside the temple. Only outside the towers.


On the premises there is a souvenir store and restrooms at the entrance and exit. The kiosks in the gardens outside sell coffee and cookies.

Audio guides

The audio guides are perfect for touring the Sagrada Familia. They are available for ages 12 and over for 45 minutes in 15 languages.

How to get to the Sagrada Familia Barcelona?

The Sagrada Familia is right in the heart of Barcelona. For tourists, flights must be booked to the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, then you must travel to the center of Barcelona. To get there from Spain, you can also take a train or bus to the city center.

Once in Barcelona, the entrance to the Sagrada Familia is through Carrer de la Marina. Nearby is the Sagrada Familia subway stop and several bus stops.

What can you see in the Sagrada Familia?

The Sagrada Familia is a work of art full of visual spectacles and attractions to visit. Among the most outstanding points of interest of the Sagrada Familia are the following:

The Nativity façade

Facing east, it receives the dawn sun to symbolize life. It is dedicated to Jesus Christ from three archivolts representing Hope, Charity and Faith. There are also the four bell towers in honor of St. Matthias, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Simon and St. Barnabas. It is an amazing place to contemplate and admire from near and far.

The Passion façade

It highlights a triumphal cross dedicated to the Passion of Jesus. He intends to reflect his suffering with the nakedness of the stone in a naked skeleton. As a curious fact, it has a cryptogram that adds the number 33, the age at which Jesus was crucified. A palm fossil and the symbol of martyrdom can also be seen.

The façade of Glory

This unfinished façade will be the largest and most monumental façade dedicated to the heavenly glory of Jesus.

It will represent Death, the Final Judgment, Glory and Hell. The design reveals that it will have a portico with 7 columns dedicated to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the bases will be evidenced the 7 deadly sins

The towers of the Sagrada Familia

The verticality of the Sagrada Familia is a symbolic characteristic of the towers. The architect designed 18 towers, of which only 9 can be visited due to the unfinished project. All offer beautiful views of Barcelona with elevator access and a spiral staircase leading up and down.

The museum

To close with a flourish, the museum located in the basement allows you to appreciate the construction with the exhibition of Gaudí’s plans and sketches. After descending the stairs you can pass through this space to see the original models, some of which were reconstructed after World War II.