How to obtain a boating license in Barcelona?

The boating license is the document required to legally pilot small boats and jet skis. The residents of Barcelona, have it really easy to obtain it, thanks to the nautical school Anclademia, absolute leader in this type of training.

navigation licenseThe sailing license is a license that is available to anyone over 16 years of age with only 6 hours of training. This title does not require passing any kind of test or exam, you will only have to pass a medical examination, just like a driver’s license. The training required for sailing is divided into two hours of theoretical instruction and 4 hours of practical training.

With it, pleasure boats up to 6 meters in length can be governed, with coastal navigation, being the maximum distance they can be from the coast of 2 miles and only during the day. Night navigation is not allowed. On the other hand, thanks to the new regulations published in the Royal Decree 238/2019, this Navigation License allows to carry nautical motorcycles without power limit.

Anclademia is the nautical school that offers the widest range of training at the most competitive prices. With them you will be able to obtain the sailing license in Barcelona with which those interested can start sailing now.

Requirements to obtain a Navigation License

Those interested in obtaining their Navigation License may be wondering what are the requirements they must meet.

First of all, it should be noted again that there is no theoretical or practical test to pass, only a medical examination, as is required for driving other types of vehicles, as is the case for obtaining a driver’s license.

Another requirement is to be at least 16 years old. As for training, it is necessary to take a theoretical course of at least 2 hours and 4 hours of basic practical training in safety and navigation.

The Anclademia website offers all the additional information, answer any questions and see a calendar with the dates and times of the courses that are available.

Why is it necessary to obtain a Navigation License?

Sailing a boat today is on the minds of many people who want to enjoy outings at sea. However, it is important to keep informed in order to obtain the necessary permits and qualifications.

Although it is true that there are boats that can be carried without a navigation license, they may not have an engine greater than 10 kW. power and a maximum length of 4 meters. In the case of sailing vessels, it is allowed to have up to 5 meters in length without a license, as well as in the case of beach boats and floating objects.

However, if you want to steer boats of greater power and length, you will need more specialized training to obtain the necessary Navigation License. The one presented in this article opens the doors to the nautical world, it is the first step and, from there, continue with other courses also offered by Anclademia, the nautical school reference in Barcelona.

Recreational Craft Skipper

One of the most outstanding is the Recreational Boats Skipper ‘s License (PER). Those who have obtained their Navigation License, have fallen in love with the nautical practice and want to go up a level, with this training can now govern motor boats up to 15 meters in length, being the boat itself the one that imposes the power limit. It should be clarified that it is also possible to obtain this license directly, without first obtaining the Navigation License.

As in the previous case, they will be able to drive jet skis of any power, but the distance allowed is up to 12 miles from the coast, increasing considerably with respect to the Navigation License. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the Recreational Boats Skipper license allows for both day and night navigation.

As for the requirements, as you might expect, they are a bit more demanding in this case. On the one hand, a theoretical exam consisting of 45 multiple-choice questions must be passed. Likewise, it is necessary to do radio practices (12 hours in a simulator), navigation practices (16 hours of practices in a boat). In addition, as in the previous case for the Navigation License, it is necessary to pass a medical examination.