Historic debut of Spanish sailors in the Women’s America’s Cup with Sail Team BCN

Historic debut of Spanish sailors in the Women's America's Cup with Sail Team BCN

Spanish sailing is about to experience a historic moment with the participation of five outstanding sailors in the first Women’s America’s Cup.

Támara Echegoyen, Neus Ballester, Maria Cantero, Silvia Mas and Paula Barceló will be the pioneers representing Spain in this prestigious competition, marking a significant milestone in national nautical sport and laying the foundations for future generations of female sailors.

These talented athletes, with impressive Olympic and World Cup achievements to their credit, will compete under the colors of Sail Team BCN in the Puig Women’s America’s Cup.

The official presentation of the team took place at the Port of Sitges-Aiguadolç, where the women’s and youth Sail Team BCN, sponsored by CaixaBank, established its base of operations.

Spanish sailors in the Women’s America’s Cup

The women’s team, led by Maria Cantero, one of the youngest members, is determined to face this challenge with determination and enthusiasm.

Cantero expressed that this participation represents the beginning of something significant and highlighted the importance of their role as pioneers in women’s competition, emphasizing their responsibility to lay the groundwork for future generations of sailors.

Paula Barceló, another of the team’s outstanding sailors, shared her enthusiasm for being part of this historic competition, underlining the importance of this milestone for the advancement of women in the sport of sailing.

Barceló, along with Olympic and world champion Támara Echegoyen, will lead the team with her vast experience and exceptional skills at sea.

The unique America’s Cup boats, which fly over the water at impressive speeds, present a unique challenge for the Sail Team BCN sailors. Silvia Mas, another member of the team, highlighted the technical complexity of sailing these vessels, which require in-depth knowledge of engineering and fluid dynamics.

Daily training

To prepare adequately, the team trains daily both at sea and on simulators. Despite the novelty of competing in this type of boat, Sail Team BCN is determined to give its best in the competition and set a precedent for future editions of the Women’s America’s Cup.

Guillermo Altadill, head of Sail Team BCN, expressed his commitment to maintain the presence of women in the competition in future editions, demonstrating his continued support for development and equality in the sport of sailing.

The enclave of Sitges, which has served as the base of operations for the Sail Team BCN women’s and youth teams, has become an emblematic place for sailing and the America’s Cup.

The collaboration between Sitges and Sail Team BCN has been fundamental for the success of the team that seeks to make history with its role in this sporting event.