For its 25 Years of Music, L’Auditori de Barcelona is offering a month of special activities.

For its 25 Years of Music, L'Auditori de Barcelona is offering a month of special activities.

L’Auditori de Barcelona celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. This magnificent building, designed by Rafael Moneo, has become a reference in Europe for its diverse programming and commitment to contemporary music.

To commemorate this milestone, L’Auditori has prepared a month full of special activities that will culminate with a free concert by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC).

The highlight of the celebrations will be the free OBC concert, which will take place on Friday, March 8, 2024 as part of the new electronics festival Subsònic. This event will open the doors of the Sala Pau Casals to allow 2,200 attendees to enjoy a unique musical experience free of charge.

In addition, the Llanterna space will offer another free show by the duo Killin’Cactuz, formed by Nao Albet and Adrià González. Tickets for both events are free, but advance reservations are required through L’Auditori’s website.

L’Auditori de Barcelona celebrates throughout the month

But the celebrations do not stop there. Throughout the month of March, L’Auditori will offer a series of activities that will explore the center’s role as a cultural and innovative engine in Barcelona.

A retrospective exhibition will highlight the achievements of L’Auditori in its first 25 years of history, while four world premieres will thrill contemporary music lovers.

Among the most anticipated premieres are Josep Maria Guix’s “Songs for Júlia” and Albert Guinovart’s “Gaudí Symphony”, scheduled for Friday, March 22. These new works promise to captivate audiences with their freshness and originality, taking Catalan music to new heights.

In addition to music, L’Auditori will also open its doors to the general public with open days at the Museu de la Música de Barcelona, allowing everyone to experience the beauty and history of music in a unique setting.

History and musical legacy

Since its inauguration in 1999, L’Auditori has been a symbol of musical excellence and a cultural engine in constant evolution. With more than 14,000 concerts and almost 11 million attendees, this center has left an indelible mark on the music scene in Barcelona and beyond.

In addition to its commitment to music, L’Auditori has also been a leader in sustainability, investing in green technologies to reduce its environmental footprint and promote responsible practices.

Part of this commitment to sustainability includes the installation of solar panels to reduce energy consumption, an investment of approximately 7.5 million euros. This initiative reflects L’Auditori’s commitment not only to music, but also to the environment and the community in general.

L’Auditori has been an engine of urban transformation. Their impact on the city goes beyond music.