Experience flying a military aircraft in Barcelona

Experience flying a military aircraft in Barcelona

Just 45 minutes from the city is the Igualada-Odena Aerodrome. A whole space available for you to fulfill your dreams or have a spectacular time in the heights. Come and join the adventure of flying a military aircraft in Barcelona at the Igualada Aerodrome.

This experience is truly exciting, original and unique. Download all your adrenaline flying a Yak-52, a Soviet military training aircraft. These aircraft have flown under the command of the armies of Georgia, Lithuania (border patrol), Romania, Russia/Soviet Union, Vietnam and Hungary (Hungarian Air Force).

The aircraft can reach a cruising speed of 270 km/h. and a top speed of 420 km/h.

Thanks to its military past, you can feel the combat atmosphere that you will experience when you get behind the controls. Its star engine is so reliable that it has been used to re-engine aerobatic aircraft.

Nothing like flying a military aircraft in Barcelona

The adventure begins when you arrive at the airfield and dress up with the combat suit and helmet. From the moment you arrive until the end of the experience, which lasts about an hour and a half, you will experience the motivating military atmosphere of flying a real fighter plane.

To begin with, you receive a detailed explanation of all the controls and controls of the aircraft, as well as an instruction class to learn how to fly it. You can then fly it yourself during a flight, performing maneuvers at full speed and acrobatics such as dives, inverts and barrel rolls.

You can book the flight all year round to fly on Saturdays and Sundays, except in the month of August. You (student pilot) and an expert instructor will be on the trip. For safety reasons, sometimes it is not possible to carry out the activity on the scheduled date due to weather conditions that may prevent it. In that case you are offered an alternative date.

The flight includes insurance.

The Igualada Aerodrome is an excellent place to start the adventure to different places. During the flight you can see the monastery of Montserra, go to the beach next to Bellvei, or to the desert of Huesca and get off for breakfast or lunch at a hotel with an airstrip. There are many options depending on your tastes.

Piloting a military aircraft in Barcelona obviously has some special restrictions. You can do it if you are of legal age and in normal physical condition. It is not recommended for pregnant women or for people with any type of heart disease or disability.

A maximum weight of 110 kg and a height of 1.90 cm is allowed for flying. Don’t forget to bring a jacket, sunglasses and covered footwear. If you want to keep the filming from the cockpit as an indelible memory of this experience, you can purchase a USB with the filming of the activity for an additional cost.

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