Due to drought, Aena prohibits washing cabs with drinking water at El Prat

Due to drought, Aena prohibits washing cabs with drinking water at El Prat

Water management in times of drought becomes a central concern for many institutions and the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is no exception. Aena has issued a warning to the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Institute about the prohibition of washing cabs with drinking water at the airport facilities due to the drought emergency decreed by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This measure, which is part of a broader action plan, is aimed primarily at preventing the waste of drinking water at a time when water resources are scarce.

According to airport authorities, one of the actions to be implemented is to prevent cabs from being washed with drinking water in the waiting areas of terminals T1 and T2.

Aena bans washing cabs with drinking water at El Prat

Aena’s request includes a request to cab drivers not to pay external personnel to wash the vehicles, as they usually use water from public fountains and sink taps for cleaning.

This measure seeks to discourage the practice and ensure the responsible use of water at the airport facilities.

In addition, cab drivers have been urged not to deal with clandestine cleaners who offer their services in the airport waiting areas.

These cleaners, while offering a quick and inexpensive solution, are often supplied with drinking water from public sources, which goes against water conservation measures.

Diversity of informal economy activities at the airport

The proliferation of underground activities, such as the sale of food and clandestine cleaning services, is attributed to the lack of adequate services at the airport. Cab drivers argue that the absence of canteens and accessible food options drives the informal economy in these areas.

The ban on washing cabs with drinking water at Barcelona Airport is part of a broader effort to conserve water during the drought.

Aena and other authorities are taking measures to promote responsible use of the resource and avoid waste at a critical time.

Urgent measures throughout Catalonia

It should be recalled that the drought in Catalonia has reached a critical point, prompting the authorities to take drastic measures to preserve the water supply. One of them seeks to reduce basic consumption to 200 liters per inhabitant/day in the AMB. Those who exceed this limit will receive a warning letter from the WBA.

Another strategy includes reducing water pressure at taps in seven municipalities in the metropolitan area, affecting some 90,000 people, to address problems in the distribution network.