Do you want to know Barcelona and run? Do it with a running tour

Do you want to get to know Barcelona and run? Do it with a running tour

All you need is a pair of sneakers, comfortable sportswear, a fanny pack and a willingness to work up a sweat. In this way you will be able to run through Barcelona in a different way by taking part in a running tour through different routes.

Just imagine running and while you are doing it Usain Bolt is showing you around the capital.

The routes are offered by 360º running Barcelona, where you can enjoy both the mountainous area and the beautiful view of the sea. You can also visit the tourist attractions or discover hidden spots of the city in an original way.

How 360º running tour Barcelona was born

Joan Brull and Jaume Pedregosa founded 360º running. This dynamic duo of documentary filmmakers, co-workers and compulsive runners created it 7 years ago. They say that the name was born when they were at the top of the Turó del Carmel, unique point of the city where if you turn on your feet you can have a full 360 degree view.

In this way they began to run around Barcelona running in tights and acting as tour guides. The funny thing is that while running at a good pace they are talking and telling the other runners historical data of the places they pass through.

The routes offered by 360º running

You can choose one of the routes that cover 6 kilometers and have a cost of 45 €. The others are 10 kilometers at 55 €. Each ride can last between 70 and 120 minutes or even longer if participants are in good physical condition.

Tours vary according to the client and their expectations. Some, for example, run on the roads as the best way to celebrate their birthday.

Both residents and tourists participate in the tours, although Joan and Jaume say they prefer to run to show the past of a monument or historic building. It is an educational form of healthy and fun tourism.

The routes are determined in conjunction with two official guides who are experts in cultural heritage. The purpose is for runners to get to know hidden places. It is truly an enriching and vital experience.

Fitness and the running tour

If you are worried about your physical condition, don’t worry because 360º running Barcelona adapts to your physical condition and the time you have available to run. The route is done at a comfortable pace for everyone where you can stop to take pictures and learn about the history of the site you are visiting.

The important thing is that if you are going to participate, tell the tour guides what your physical level is so that they can program you on a suitable route. So go a little faster than usual, go around the city doing sport, but above all enjoy with vitality and run chatting.