Convent de Barcelona Activa offers job coaching for young people

Convent de Barcelona Activa offers job coaching for young people

The Convent de Barcelona Activa inaugurated a space for job accompaniment for young people and their training. It is the Centre Cívic del Convent de Sant Agustí, located in the Plaça de Pons i Clerch.

The Civic Center is a place where young people can get help with job placement. The service offered is aimed at people under 30 years of age in order to help them enter the labor market or improve in their professional field.

The facility has a surface area of approximately 1,000 square meters and a capacity to serve 300 young people.

It also has different rooms where you can use computers, record a video résumé and practice with professionals on how to improve your talents and qualities in a job interview.

The importance of job coaching for young people

Jaume Collboni, president of Barcelona Activa and first deputy mayor of Economy, Labor, Competitiveness and Finance, said that the “Civic Center will allow Barcelona to be the place where young people structure their life projects”.

In addition to offering employment accompaniment, the Convent de Barcelona Activa will also provide free personalized training through tools and resources adapted to young people under 30 years of age.

The Convent was remodeled to give it a modern look with fresh air and a new design. It is equipped with electronic devices and perfectly equipped at the technological level.

In this sense, it has videocurriculum filming rooms, booths for mock job interviews, editing equipment, modular classrooms for networking.

It also offers attendees screens for sharing projects, meetings, consultancies and an auditorium perfect for organizing events.

Jo+ Space

It is one of the most flexible, spacious and multipurpose spaces. There, individual attention will be provided as well as to groups of young people.

Barcelona Activa will offer different activities on professional orientation and job search, with co-management of youth organizations. In addition to the equipment and services listed, the young people will also be supported by a group of technical experts.

According to statistical data, Barcelona Activa has assisted more than 10,000 people under 30 years of age, 52% of whom are women, by October 2022.

They represent almost a quarter of the total number of services provided by the agency, which is about 23.6%.

About Barcelona Activa and job coaching for young people

It is a local social economic development agency in Barcelona. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life by promoting the city’s economic competitiveness.

They seek to promote quality employment, entrepreneurship and support for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business fabric.