Barcelona Beach Festival finds a new home in Madrid: An unexpected change of venue

The Barcelona Beach Festival (BBF), one of the most emblematic events in the world of electronic music, has been forced to leave its home in Barcelona after almost a decade of success and unforgettable experiences. This surprising news has shaken music fans and left a question in the air: Why has the BBF decided to move to Madrid? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and its implications for the festival and its attendees.

barcelona beach festival leaves barcelonaAn Event with History

The Barcelona Beach Festival, organized by Live Nation, has become a mainstay of the electronic music scene in Europe. Throughout its years of existence, it has hosted some of the world’s biggest DJs and producers, including names such as Avicii, David Guetta, Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Chainsmokers and Lost Frequencies. However, on its tenth anniversary, this iconic festival faces an unexpected twist in its history.

The Disencounter with the City Council of Sant Adrià del Besòs

The reason behind the BBF’s move is the series of disagreements with the City Council of Sant Adrià del Besòs, where the festival was held for years. In 2022, the city council had already generated problems related to the documentation required to hold the event, but a last-minute agreement allowed the festival to continue.

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However, in 2023, tensions came to a head when the city council refused to grant the necessary activity licenses to carry out the BBF. They argued that they did not want massive events on the beach under their jurisdiction. This left the organization with no viable options to keep the festival in its original location.

The Change of City: Madrid as a New Home

Faced with the continuous refusal of the City Council of Sant Adrià del Besòs, the organization of the Barcelona Beach Festival made a bold decision: to move to Madrid. The festival will land in Madrid on July 14 and will be held at the Iberdrola Music venue, located in Madrid’s Villaverde district.

The choice of Madrid as a new home is not surprising given its prestige as a center of entertainment and culture in Spain. However, this change brings with it significant challenges and questions, such as Madrid’s ability to accommodate a festival of this scale and how it will affect attendees and the overall experience.

Community and Neighborhood Reactions

The move of the Barcelona Beach Festival to Madrid is not without controversy. Last year, the Mad Cool festival, which was held at the same venue, generated significant problems in Getafe Norte, which is close to Villaverde. Neighbors complained about traffic jams, noise and risky situations. This raises concerns about how these issues will be handled at BBF and what measures will be taken to minimize inconvenience to the local community.

The Barcelona Beach Festival finds itself in a new chapter of its history as it leaves Barcelona and moves to Madrid. While the reasons behind this decision are clear, the impact it will have on the festival and its attendees remains to be seen. Electronic music fans in Spain and around the world are eager to find out how this iconic celebration will evolve in its new home. Undoubtedly, the BBF will continue to be an unforgettable event for all those looking for a unique experience in the world of electronic music.