Barcelona announces a new free lookout point in Collserola

Barcelona announces a new free lookout point in Collserola

Barcelona is preparing to add another observation point to its list of attractions. The City Council has approved an ambitious project that will transform a parking area into a new viewpoint in the neighborhood of Torre Baró, located in the vicinity of Collserola.

This project, which seeks to improve both accessibility and mobility in the area, has as its main objective the creation of a viewpoint offering spectacular views of the city and its surroundings.

Currently, the area designated for this project is an empty lot used as a makeshift parking lot, but it will soon become a green space open to the public.

The project, which has received the green light from the city council, seeks to revitalize a currently underutilized space to turn it into a place for meeting and contemplation.

With a budget of 713,854 euros, the initiative not only focuses on the creation of a viewpoint, but also on improving accessibility and mobility in the area, as well as increasing parking capacity.

New free viewpoint in Collserola

The initiative involves not only the creation of the viewpoint, but also the implementation of measures to improve the road infrastructure and the environmental quality of the area. The remodeling of Prats de Rei street is planned to combine living spaces with parking spaces, in addition to improving the general environmental conditions.

The future observation deck will be located at one of the highest points of the Torre Baró, which will guarantee breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona and its natural surroundings.

Access to the viewpoint will be via a sequence of accessible stairs, and once inside, visitors will be able to enjoy small squares delimited by flowerbeds and a green retaining wall that will add a natural touch to the surroundings.

Other new developments

To compensate for the loss of parking space due to the creation of the viewpoint and the works on Prats de Rei street, a new battery parking lot has been planned for a section of this street.

This solution will not only provide additional parking space, but will also facilitate emergency vehicle access to the area, addressing residents’ concerns about the narrowness of the street.

In addition to providing a new perspective of the city from above, the project also addresses concerns related to accessibility and road safety. The widening of Prats de Rei street will ensure that emergency vehicles can easily access it in case of need.

The new viewpoint will be surrounded by vegetation and will have a sequence of accessible stairs leading to small squares delimited by flowerbeds. It will have a green retaining wall to ensure the safety and stability of the area.