Barcelona already has its own beer geek

Barcelona already has its own beer geek

The geek beer created in Barcelona has just been launched on the market. Friki Beer is now available at the Super Friki Market, the “magic supermarket” at Galeries Maldà.

It currently offers two brands: “Dragon’s Fang” and “Mouse’s Tail”. Don’t imagine any potion or anything like that, it’s an authentic local craft beer.

It is a bottle with a fantastic label, with a smiling unicorn that invites you to try it.

Rubén Sánchez is the creator of a whole line of products for geeks. In fact, he is the founder of the Kingdom of toys and that began with the opening of thematic premises in the Maldà in the galleries of Portaferrissa.

It already has 14 stores in the capital of Catalonia and has others in Madrid.

Friki Beer is now available on the shelves of the Super Friki Market, the “magic supermarket” of the Maldà. The stock sold out very quickly, but just as they are leaving, more are arriving for you to go for a geeky one.

Rubén defines “friki” as “the most select at the level of the fantastic world”.

But don’t think of Friki Beer as a weird drink. It is a high quality handcrafted beverage, something like a “best-seller” in liqueurs that can be recognized by its bright green color.

You will notice that when you shake the bottle, it comes out like a cartoon spell.

At the Super Friki Market you can also find Dragon Ball sodas, Doraemon cupcakes, edible straws, mead and jalapeño Pringels.

In addition to geek beer, what else can you buy at the Super Friki Market?

You will find the most curious and surprising products that you can’t even imagine.

For starters, you can find the unforgettable and coveted chocolate bars from Willy Wonka’s factory. Some of them even have a golden ticket.

Also available are Super Mario-themed cereals, Darth Vader candies, Mary Poppins popcorn, Pikachu ramen or Shin-chan cookies.

You can also find wine made from unicorn tears, cava with edible 24-karat gold or energy bars made from insect flour.

And as for famous items, you can easily leave the Maldà with Gandalf’s staff, the one he used in ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

One can emerge from the Maldà wielding Gandalf’s staff as if he had just come out of one of his adventures in “The Lord of the Rings”. or with a Royal Fairy Fashion Sewing Box.

Also vintage clothing and a myriad of items that create a real geek world.

And don’t forget the first Harry Potter store in Spain. It was the beginning of theme stores in the city. There you will find magic wands, laser swords and everything Harry used.

Can you already call yourself a geek?