Ballooning over Montseny, Catalan nature from the clouds!

The Montseny Natural Park is one of the most fantastic routes that we can do around Catalonia. Straddling the regions of Osona and Vallés Oriental, we find a protected area of more than 30,000 hectares of very diverse landscapes, corners that we will surely not forget.

monseny 2 balloon rideQuite popular among those tourists who enjoy outdoor activities, throughout the year we see how it is a meeting point for hikers leaving Barcelona and all its surroundings. With so much to discover, there is nothing like knowing all the options available for touring it.


How is a balloon flight over the Montseny Natural Park?

Flying over the Montseny Natural Park in a hot-air balloon is a very exciting proposition for any adventurous person. Thanks to the amount of circuits that we have in our days, those groups or couples who want to do something different will surely be delighted.

Civitatis offers an aerostat ride with the guarantee that no one will show you this reservation the way you see it here and, after the time they have been giving the best, few comparisons can be made with the rest of the options. Here are some of its details:

Minibus transportation

Getting to Montseny is not complicated but, if you are facing a scheduled trip in which you just have to be attentive to enjoy, it is worth the idea that the same organization is responsible for all aspects. So, you just have to be at the meeting point -which is located in Barcelona- to start living a unique experience that will surely not leave you indifferent.


Balloon assembly

All users will see how the balloon is assembled. Far from thinking that the reservation only involves the journey we make through the air, it is important to know that this art involves many other things. In this way, the experience will be much more enriching and better for what we are about to learn about the trip we are about to undertake. Are you going to stay with the desire to discover it?

Itinerary details

You may have read the itinerary you are about to go through on the Internet or it may have been sent to you online when you made the reservation but, by the time we boarded the balloon, the instructor will let us know what things we are going to seeWhat are these points that we are going to go through? This, which makes us connect the stories with each other, is the first clue for what is to come. Don’t wait to find out!


Let’s start with the tour!

The flight will start at 08:00 in the morning. Taking off as if it were a magic trick, we will soar through the air to begin to contemplate all that the Montseny Natural Park has hidden for us. This, which becomes the best emotion since we have arrived, is the beginning of everything that remains to be experienced, of walking through the park on the heights. Wasn’t that what you wanted?

A glass of cava?

At the end of our tour of one of the most impressive reserves in Catalonia we can not leave without more. Toasting with a glass of cava becomes the real icing on the cake, in that you are sharing with the rest of the passengers who have experienced the same as you. Ideal for reversing nerves – at least for those who have suffered from them – it is certainly a detail that we will never forget.

Return to Barcelona

As when we came to the park, the return to Barcelona after the spectacular flight is something that is included in the contract. This, which gives many facilities to the passengers, makes us enjoy much more the moment we have just spent, that experience that some do not understand but that stays in our queens -and memory- forever. Are you up for it now?


Is it worth a balloon ride over the Montseny Natural Park?

If you have stopped to learn about the history of the Montseny Natural Park and to value all the itineraries that come out of it, you will surely answer this question without anyone having to tell you anything else. Valuing the territory in its immensity – as well as those points that make people fall more and more in love with the places they pass through – we find a unique way to discover this natural scenery.

With up to eight passengers on board, the detail that we can share the experience with other people who have come just like us, is something magical and that we will not forget so easily. For groups or sociable couples who want to live new adventures with strangers and discover that there are many more people with the same tastes, it certainly manifests itself as a unique opportunity, as that contact we can have with a different way of seeing this space.


Designed just for you to enjoy, no matter who you want to come with or what your plans are after getting off the aerostat. This, which gives us freedom in this respect, makes more and more people (or groups) think about this whimsical tour through the most biodiverse park in Catalonia. Knowing everything we’ve told you here, why wouldn’t we take a walk in the clouds?

In short, if we want to see the Montseny Natural Park in a different way and discover those corners that it has in the air, maybe it’s time for you to value what others have already enjoyed in this balloon tour. With all the guarantees of enjoyment that anyone can assume, surely if you give it to your partner or present it to a friend they will feel more than fortunate for the opportunity. Considering the amount of things to be left speechless here, what are you waiting for to get your hands on the tickets?