Badalona hosts Spain’s first table volleyball tournament with a prize of 20,000 Euros

Badalona hosts Spain's first table volleyball tournament with a prize of 20,000 Euros

Summer is about to welcome an exciting new sporting event: Spain’s first table volleyball tournament.

This exciting championship, organized by the International Table Volleyball Federation (ITVF), will come to Badalona on June 1 and 2, 2024, turning the Pont de Petroli beach into the stage for a unique competition that fuses two popular sports: volleyball and table tennis.

The proposal is attractive not only for the thrill of the sport, but also for the tempting prize that awaits participants: no less than 20,000 euros! This prize will be distributed in two categories, with 10,000 euros for the winning team in the men’s category and another 10,000 euros for the winning team in the women’s category.

The tournament is designed for people of any gender and age to participate, regardless of their previous experience in the sport. Amateurs and professionals alike will have the opportunity to form teams and compete for the coveted prize in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.

First Table Volleyball Tournament in Badalona

The tournament format will bring together 32 teams, each composed of a minimum of four players: two men and two women. Registration is open from now until the week prior to the event, giving all interested parties the opportunity to join this exciting sporting experience.

For the International Table Volleyball Federation, organizing this tournament in Badalona represents a unique opportunity to promote this exciting sport in Spain.

ITVF President Gabor Borsanyi expressed his enthusiasm for bringing the first international TEQVOLY event to Badalona and highlighted the importance of the Catalan sports community in the success of the tournament.

What exactly is TEQVOLY?

This sport, which grew out of the popular Teqball, combines elements of volleyball with a curved table similar to table tennis. Players compete in pairs, hitting the ball from side to side with only their forearms and hands. Fast and dynamic, TEQVOLY promises an exciting experience for players and spectators alike.

Although Badalona will host the first table volleyball tournament in Spain, the sport can be played indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile option for table volleyball enthusiasts across the country.

Since its inception in 2014, TEQVOLY has gained popularity around the world, with players from as many as 40 countries participating in amateur and professional tournaments.

Badalona has been chosen as the venue for this inaugural event and Gabor Borsanyi, president of the International Table Volleyball Federation, highlighting Catalonia’s relationship with the sport and its reputation as a sports epicenter, the organization aims to build a community around TEQVOLY.