Artificial Intelligence-generated cinema comes to Barcelona with +RAIN Film Festival

Artificial Intelligence-generated cinema comes to Barcelona with +RAIN Film Festival

The innovative world of AI-generated cinema returns to Barcelona with the second edition of the +RAIN Film Festival, the first European festival dedicated exclusively to films created with artificial intelligence.

Co-organized by Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Sonar, this groundbreaking event will take place from June 11-14, 2024, providing a platform for some of the most prominent names in the field of generative AI research and industry.

The first edition of the festival held last year was a great success, and this year is expected to be even more impressive. Jordi Balló, co-director of the event, highlighted the continuity and growth of the festival, which has gone from receiving 50 films in its first edition to 232 this year.

This increase in participation demonstrates the growing interest and relevance of artificial intelligence in filmmaking.

Artificial Intelligence-generated cinema comes to Barcelona

The +RAIN Film Festival is not only about screening films, but also offers a space for reflection, dialogue and networking between different social actors. The event seeks to promote knowledge, a critical spirit towards these technologies and the dissemination of innovative creative practices.

In this edition, the festival will explore the role of AI in the identity, creation and recreation of individual and collective memory.

Among the 232 submissions received, ten films from the five continents have been selected to compete in the festival. The quality and diversity of the selected works reflect the growth and maturity of the field of AI-generated cinema. From Spain, the presence of Anna Halbleib stands out with her work “When people talk about their dead, they look up”.

The selected pieces, ranging in length from 15 to 20 minutes, explore themes ranging from memory to the desire to understand this emerging technology.

The festival is not only limited to film screenings, but also includes events such as the Research section, where experts discuss the ethical, social, cultural and political implications of AI in audiovisual creation.

An event with great experts

The event will feature leading creators, experts and artists in the field of generative AI, including names such as Carme Puche and Sergio Álvarez-Napagao. In addition, live music and art sessions will be offered, providing a complete experience that fuses the visual and auditory.

The +RAIN Film Festival will culminate with two days of activities at the Fira de Montjuïc, home of Sónar by day. During these days will be held the FAIR, a space for reflection and debate with international experts in AI and the audiovisual industry, and the AI & WEB3 CREATIVES SUMMIT, which will explore applied artistic research projects with emerging technologies.