A unique opportunity: bridal gowns from 30 euros in Barcelona

A unique opportunity: bridal gowns from 30 euros in Barcelona

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, a leading event in the world of bridal fashion, recently presented the new collections of some of the most prestigious designers in the world. However, for many people, these exquisite wedding gowns are an unattainable luxury. But what if I told you that you can get a wedding dress in perfect condition for less than 50 euros in Barcelona?

From May 9 to 11, 2024, the Humana store located at 45 Ronda de San Antonio will offer 175 wedding dresses originally priced at €1,000, and put them on sale from €30!

This initiative, which represents the tenth edition of the Catalan organization’s campaign, aims not only to give these beautiful dresses a second chance, but also to make them accessible to more people.

Wedding gowns from 30 euros in Barcelona

“The best example of sustainability and circular economy is being able to give a second life to a wedding dress,” as Rafael Mas, director of Projects and External Relations at Humana’s Pueblo para Pueblo Foundation, puts it.

Wedding dresses, often worn only once, are one of the most underutilized garments that end up forgotten in the back of closets.

The campaign not only seeks to rescue these garments, but also has a significant social impact: all the profits obtained will go to development cooperation projects in Southern countries and to various social actions.

In addition to wedding dresses, the store will also offer communion dresses, garments that have followed the same selection process and will be available at much more affordable prices than their original values.

This initiative, which has already given a new life to more than 10,000 suits, demonstrates the transformative potential of the second-hand market.

The second-hand sector is experiencing a boom in recent years, with significant growth in sales. According to a Humana study, sales in its Barcelona stores increased by 13% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This increase reflects a broader trend towards more responsible and sustainable consumption.

A second useful life

Second-hand clothing has become the preferred option to renew the closet and decorate the home of thousands of people who are looking for a slower and more environmentally conscious consumption model.

In Barcelona, more and more establishments are offering options based on the circular economy, as well as weekend markets where you can find unique treasures from decades past.

This opportunity to extend the useful life of a beautiful garment promotes values of sustainability and social solidarity.