Walls in 7 districts authorized to paint on them without requesting a permit

Walls in 7 districts authorized to paint on them without requesting a permit

Barcelona City Council is encouraging urban art in the city with a new program called “Murs Oberts”. The initiative aims to provide spaces where urban artists can express themselves without asking permission.

There are currently 14 walls available for painting located in the districts of Horta, Nou Barris, Ciutat Vella, Sants, Gràcia, Sant Martí and Sant Andreu.

All have been enabled to be painted by any urban artist who wants to capture his work in the city.

These spaces will be marked with square pieces so that artists know where they can paint without having to worry about permits.

In addition, details of the available walls can also be consulted in the project’s digital catalog.

More spaces are expected to be added in the coming months.

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The initiative to be able to paint without asking permission

The idea is part of Barcelona’s Urban Art Program, which seeks to give various spaces to urban art in order to recognize its importance in the cultural development of the city.

It also seeks to achieve open participation so that art is accessible to everyone.

The “Murs Oberts” initiative will complement the “Murs regulats” initiative, which is not for everyone. It is only for entities and groups that want to implement social programs related to the territory.

These spaces will be used for social facilities such as cultural centers or for social awareness or outreach programs.

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All artists welcome

The Barcelona City Council is encouraging graffiti artists and urban artists to take advantage of these walls to paint their works.

With this initiative, the city is expected to be filled with urban art with a civic and responsible approach.

The goal is that everyone can enjoy the beauty of these works without worrying about the permit.

Open participation will also encourage diversity and creativity, turning the streets of Barcelona into a veritable urban art gallery.

This Barcelona initiative is not new in the world. Many cities around the world have adopted similar programs to promote urban art.

Over time, these programs have proven to be very successful, turning many cities into true urban art galleries.

Barcelona, with its rich cultural heritage, has a great opportunity to do the same and attract more visitors interested in urban art.

Thanks to this novel idea, the city could become an international reference in urban art.

Urban art is an increasingly present element in cities around the world and in the Catalan capital.

In fact, the Urban Art Program seeks to recognize the importance of graffiti and urban art in the cultural development of the city.

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