Unë Concept, the brand that fuses art and fashion in Barcelona

Unë Concept, the brand that fuses art and fashion in Barcelona

In the vibrant fashion world of Barcelona, a brand emerged that managed to challenge conventions thanks to its unique approach to garment creation. It is Unë Concept, founded by Carme Giménez.

It is much more than just a clothing brand; it is a fusion of art and fashion that has gained recognition for its unique hand-painted pieces and its commitment to uniqueness and sustainability.

Unë Concept’s journey began in Carme’s home during the darkest days of the pandemic. What started as a personal art project soon became his passion and his profession.

Defying all expectations, Carme gave life to Unë Concept, a brand that has now blossomed with the opening of its first physical store in Barcelona, at 28 Marià Cubí street.

Unë Concept, a brand of pure creativity

For Carme, Unë Concept is more than just a company; it is an expression of her creativity and her vision of the world. The fusion of fashion and art has been at the core of his philosophy from the beginning.

According to Carme, fashion is a powerful means of expression, and with Unë Concept, she seeks to create unique pieces that communicate something special to the wearer.

What sets Unë Concept apart is its commitment to uniqueness and craftsmanship. All the pieces of the brand are handmade and hand painted in a small workshop near Barcelona.

This attention to detail and handcrafted approach ensures that each garment is truly unique, bearing the imprint of the artist who created it.

Although Unë Concept has experienced significant growth since its humble beginnings, it has steadfastly maintained its commitment to uniqueness.

The brand launches two collections a year, each full of garments that reflect the distinctive style of Unë Concept: elegant, simple and handcrafted. But what makes these collections even more special is their focus on sustainability.

A brand with an exclusivity policy

Unë Concept promotes a responsible consumption model by limiting the production of each design and avoiding the replenishment of out-of-stock parts. This policy not only guarantees the exclusivity of each garment, but also reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

It’s a refreshing approach in a world where mass production and waste are unfortunately the norm.

In Unë Concept’s physical store in Barcelona, customers are greeted by a serene and minimalist atmosphere, where neutral and light tones dominate. It is a reflection of the elegant and simple style that characterizes the brand, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and beauty.