TvBoy exhibition with the best works representing urban art

TvBoy exhibition with the best works representing urban art

Barcelona is preparing to receive a unique exhibition that will capture the essence of contemporary urban art. From February 13 to 24, 2024, Casa Seat will open its doors to welcome “Garage Takeover”, an exhibition featuring the most outstanding works of the renowned urban artist TvBoy.

TvBoy, whose real name is Salvatore Benintende, has left his mark on the streets of Barcelona with his provocative and meaningful art.

His works, which address current social and political issues, have captured the public’s attention and provoked profound reflections on contemporary society.

From his iconic work congratulating Aitana Bonmatí for winning the Golden Ball to his denunciation of Juan Carlos I’s flight to the Emirates, TvBoy has used urban art as a form of expression and protest.

His works, loaded with symbolism and emotion, have inspired new generations and sparked important conversations on topics ranging from respect to electric mobility.

TvBoy exhibition: an exhibition for everyone

The “Garage Takeover” exhibition offers the unique opportunity to appreciate TvBoy’s work in a different environment. Casa Seat, an emblematic space in the heart of Barcelona, will be the perfect setting for this free exhibition open to the public.

The show will feature a variety of works, from portraits of public figures such as soccer player Alexia Putellas and singer Rosalía, to pieces inspired by love and the environment.

In celebration of Casa Seat’s “Love Week,” the exhibition will include works that explore love in all its forms, from romance in times of pandemic to love for the environment.

The Kiss as a symbol

One of the most distinctive features of TvBoy’s art is his use of the kiss as a symbol of connection and protest. From the kiss between politicians to the kiss between celebrities, TvBoy has used this gesture to provoke emotions and convey powerful messages about contemporary society.

For TvBoy, the kiss is more than just an act of affection; it is a tool to challenge social and political norms and to promote unity and solidarity. His works, which capture the essence of the kiss in all its forms, are a reminder of the importance of love and compassion in an increasingly divided world.

Do not miss it

With works spanning a wide range of themes and styles, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore the impact of urban art on contemporary society.

From his most provocative works to his most emotional pieces, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into TvBoy’s talent, ingenuity and creativity.