Tight restrictions for the bicycle cab business in Barcelona

Tight restrictions for the bicycle cab business in Barcelona

With a strong warning of the confiscation of any bicycle cabs found in circulation, the Barcelona City Council, less than a week ago, took on the task of banishing the bicycle cab business in Barcelona.

The Guardia Urbana, based on this directive, has already made dozens of seizures and imposed sanctions. As a result, since a week ago, bicycle cabs have disappeared from the most important tourist sites in the city.

They are no longer seen in the

streets of the Gòtic

Barceloneta, the Quadrat d’Or del Eixample, around Camp Nou, Park Güell, Sagrada Família, among others.

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The bicycle cab business in Barcelona

According to municipal sources, it is estimated that there are around 1,500 bicycle taxi drivers in Barcelona.

It is listed as an illegal business that had not diminished despite the fact that in 2019 the Guardia Urbana had already seized a thousand of these means of transport and had imposed more than 1,400 fines.

Jaume Collboni, first deputy mayor, indicated that “this measure seeks to convince those who carry out this activity to change their occupation, as it is not the way to make a living”. Job reorientation services will also be implemented.

For its part, the local authority is also waiting for the Generalitat, the competent authority for passenger transport, to specifically prohibit this business.

In fact, Collboni adds, “this activity contributes nothing to the city, it only generates problems”. It is a business that must be banished in order to develop a sustainable and safe tourism model for Barcelona.

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